Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Why College is Bad For You: The DePaul edition.

Honestly the modern university system creates SJW kids that are just flat fucking stupid.

Like Milo isn't going to feast upon this like a starving werewolf.

Here is a brief snapshot of the sillyass shit that just went down at DePaul University.

Yiannopoulos attempted to continue the event, but protesters refused to leave the stage and the group of security guards (which DePaul forced both the organisers and Breitbart to pay for) refused to intervene.

The male ringleader continued to pace along the stage with his whistle, refusing to let Yiannopoulos speak for extended amounts of time, while the female ringleader forcibly snatched the microphone from the interviewer’s hand and shouted at Yiannopoulos just inches away from his face.

The male ringleader screamed “Feel the Bern” and chanted against Donald Trump, whilst the female ringleader chanted “Black Lives Matter”.

Responding to the amount of black female protesters who had turned up, Yiannopoulos hypothesized that it was because he had sex with their brothers.

“I give it 20 minutes”, announced Yiannopoulos. “The black incarceration rates are about to go up”.

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