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The Genetic Borders Are Closed II: The Story Book Edition

A short while back I did a piece called The Genetic Borders are closed.

Forgive Cataline for quoting Cataline:

"That genes got around a lot in the ancient world was an "important and popular fact". Mostly because it allowed lefty sociologists to bury themselves in their favorite fantasies both political and sexual. The New Soviet Man was far from discredited then (and remains in inarticulate vogue today). Plus, for whatever reason lefty men have a very strong sympathy for the Cuck fetish
As I said, this theory made sense from a standpoint that knows all about Gregor Mendal and the vital need to avoid inbreeding especially in small communities.

The problem is that ancient peoples knew nothing about Gregor Mendal.

An even bigger problem is that Genetic Science has now been seized from the grasping claws of Sociologists by actual Geneticists. The horrors that lie beneath the thin facade of leftwing theory are beyond imaging...if you are lefty.

It turns out that:

There was no single 'Celtic' genetic group. In fact the Celtic parts of the UK (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Cornwall) are among the most different from each other genetically. For example, the Cornish are much more similar genetically to other English groups than they are to the Welsh or the Scots."

This is an expansion on that post. 

And now it's time for the pretty pictures.

The last one is the most interesting but I will take this in order. 

Welcome to Woad World.  The island of Albion.  The forever lost and forever beautiful true home land.  

We shall just gloss over  all of the slavery, thirty year average lifespan and  human sacrifice shall we?

This is our historic baseline.

Map 2:  A new and slightly better documented dawn arises.

After Caligula had blown a major campaign into Germania.  His Uncle Claudius took the reins after he unsuspiciously left his nephew unattended right before Caligula was murdered.  Skipping ahead a bit.

Claudius was a man without military credentials in a political culture that required them. He also had an army that was not happy with his family, due to the Germany screwup.  In short Claudius needed an easy conquest in order to be awarded a Triumph and solidify his rule.  Roman Britainia was the result of Roman political expedience.

 Times change empires fall and a completely disastrous immigration policy is adopted.  Hoping that the Saxons would do the work that Romanized Britains wouldn't.  German tribes are invited in purely as a temporary measure.  Multiculturalism ho!

Next slide.  Romanized Britain has been exterminated. The Romano-Britains have been kicked out of their own house by the people they invited in.  Meet Anglo-Saxon England.

The Saxons to their credit did not invite the Vikings in.  Although they can be blamed for not having kept up with military fashion.  The problem is that the Saxons were an Army and the Vikings were a Marine Corps.  Naturally the Norse won whenever they fought.

All cruel accuracy aside.  What the Vikings had going for them was teamwork.  The longships were hardy but shallow bottomed.  They were extremely unstable which meant that manning one was a twenty four a day team building exercise for a platoon sized group of men.   Seriously these guys even had to sleep as a team or the boat would capsize.  Longship crews lived and breathed as a team. They weren't better warriors, they were better soldiers it's hell of a big difference.

Say Góðan Dag to the Daneslaw

 Now say, Góða Nótt because that fucker is gone.  The Vikings left virtually no trace of themselves behind.  To include genetics but that is getting ahead of ourselves.

This next map is what it says it is.  The historic counties of the British Isles.  Kinda/Sorta what we have from the Norman Conquest on.

Now here is the really intersting part.  A side by side comparison.  The map on the right represents genetic groupings.

This is most strikingly seen in the genetic split between people living in modern Cornwall and Devon where the division lies exactly along the county border along the River Tamar; the people living on either side of the river have different DNA.

Which I have gone on about before at length.

The largest genetic groupings, particularly in southern and central England, coincide with the territories of invading Angles, Saxons and Jutes from Denmark.

But where you will find almost no Viking DNA.  Either (A.) they didn't go in for all that much raping or (B.) Viking half breed children were exterminated.  (C.)  Sorry, there is no (C.) 

I suspect it was probably (A.)  A lack of fecundity was probably a survival trait for the Norsk as a people.   Scarce resources, ya know.

Smaller genetic groups in Wales and the north of England tally with the strongholds of the ancient Britons, such as the kingdom of Elmet in what is now West Yorkshire.

The study’s other remarkable findings included:

– There are more genetic differences between North and South Wales than between Kent and Scotland.

– There is more similarity between people in the North of England and Scotland than people in the south of England.

– There is no single ‘Celtic’ genetic group. The Celtic parts of the UK (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Cornwall) are among the most different from each other genetically.

– Anglo-Saxon invaders tended to intermarry with, rather than replace the existing population.

– There is no large genetic signature from the Vikings even though they controlled large parts of the British Isles.

– Only Orkney residents were found to have significant levels of Viking DNA; a quarter of their DNA coming from Norway, suggesting that the Norse Viking invasion of the 9th century added to rather than replaced the characteristics of the indigenous settlers.

– There is also little Roman DNA in the British genetic make-up.

Gee, I wonder why that is?

Whenever there is a problem between Leftist Policy and Reality.  It's always reality that's got it all wrong.

The approved reality is that thousands of years of unique micro-cultural development in the shires and meadows, each unique in and of itself can be swept aside with the stroke of a pen in Brussels or Berlin.  But they can't genetics just proved that.

The West is too fat for it's own good right now.  It's children don't a believe that a world where their children going hungry in the night is even a possibility.  The urgency of survival has been extinguished and people need that urgency.

Humans need challenges or they fall apart.  Big Challenges.  Important challenges.  Life or death challenges or they just collapse into self absorbed, man-bun wearing Gnostics, who never have children.

The champions of a culture of guilt ridden self-loathing are effectively insisting that the Men of the West let darkness fall over them.  And tragically they are the lords of the West.


The currently part can be changed at a moments notice.  The moment is not far off at this point.

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dave1941 said...

I read that Roman England had a lot of Africans but Saxon England had none. Africans are like hothouse orchids -- their dark skin and uneven distribution of fat serve them poorly in the English climate, and they lack the mental discipline to prepare for a long winter. When the Roman civil order collapsed, these flaws became so obvious that no one wanted to mate with anyone who looked even slightly African, thus ensuring their total extinction.

The swarthy races currently swarming into England aren't much better, and will probably meet a similar fate when their welfare cards stop working.