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Supgergirl: Girl of Steel Ratings of Kleenex

Supergirl is off the renewal list for CBS.  Given it's expense as well as it's low ratings, cancellation is pretty much a certainty. 

Not that it's much of a loss.  CBS didn't know what it wanted from it or what to expect from it.  You can tell that some exec said, "We are the now the number one network again, what do we do now?"

And someone else replied, "well superhero stuff is big, lets try that".

That was the end of the thinking on the matter.

The pity of it is that there was stuff they could have done with it that didn't suck.  But it would have required a guy that likes comic books and has taken the Red Pill.

Let me know when you find that unicorn.

Supergirl has always been a bit of a problem for DC Comics.  She was created in one of their frequent and utterly futile attempts to draw in female readers.  Never. Gonna. Happen.  Women don't process information that way.  They just aren't as visual as men.  But Gamma's gonna Gamma, they can't accept that reality despite the fact that their sales to men hover comfortably in the 90% mark.

Also they decided to make this thing Comic Book SJW Feminist friendly because that is huge market that no one has ever tried to exploit before.

Oh sure, bring that up, Cataline!

So, they started off with a paradigm that was guaranteed to be a ratings bust.

Anyway lets begin.

Meet SJW friendly Supergirl.

She's a geek with a heart of gold.  She also has got a job where she is a gofor for a tough feminist boss whom she slaves for but also loves and who comes to love her in turn.  Kara has a guy friend who is not only in the friendzone but is totes cool about being there.  Supergirl is also a bit of a mudshark.  Her boyfriend is Black Jimmy Olson.  He is very handsome, educated, confident and apparently, financially independent.  Everything the comic book Jimmy Olson (a ginger, blue collar Irish catholic cub-reporter) was not.  No idea why they named the character Jimmy Olson.  Seriously, why did they do that?  This was an entirely new character, who would never have permitted anyone to call him, Jimmy.

There were so many elements that doomed this show its hard to pick just one.  But we shall start with her love-life, since that was the ice berg this ship plowed into.

I will now steal ruthlessly from Larry Niven's classic essay, Man of Steel Woman of Kleenex;

First off Kara Zor-el is an alien who by an insanely exceptional freak of nature, only looks human.  She should have no interest in sex with humans. But Superman's mythos is that he is what is best in all of mankind.  So it's hand waveum and pretend time there.  Fine, Supergirl totes wants to do "it" with humans.

Too bad because she can't.  She left Krypton at age twelve, There is no indication that she was abused as a child which means that she is the Virgin of Steel.  Her hymen is literally invulnerable.

Okay.  More hand waveum.  Kara was really into Zlorch-back riding and lost her cherry that way before her hometown went boom. So that takes care of that, right?


The muscle contractions involved in an orgasm are involuntary. Even a mild orgasm would result in Jimmy having an acute lack of penis. Supergirl can if she is careful provide manual and oral release to a boyfriend but returning those favors to her is an incredibly dangerous idea. Putting your head between her legs is an invitation to decapitation.  Even fingering her is just too dangerous. What if Supergirl is a squirter?  It would be like holding your hand in front of a shotgun.  An accidental headbutt from a Kryptonian girl when she is cumming, won't be an occasion for romantic giggles, it's call the Meat Wagon time because she just killed you.

This could actually work from a dramatic standpoint.  A girl who is the last of her kind.  Potentially a mother eve to her race and no one to mate with.  It could be pretty easy to build on that.  You could create a great deal of sympathy for a girl who is cut off from all forms of romantic contact because it's likely to result in death.

You can go into her everyday hopes and desires, that can never be fulfilled and on top of that she has to be Supergirl.  Of course those  normal things are known as being a wife and mother, which are a horror beyond imagining to Third Wave feminists.  And this show was all about feminism.

Red Pill Wisdom time.   Yin fulfillment energy is submissive in nature.  A woman wants to lose herself in the passion of the moment.  Even assuming sex is possible without it being lethal, Supergirl will never be emotionally satisfied because she is the most powerful being on Earth.  No man's masculine energy will be enough to satisfy her emotional needs.

Which brings up the blue clad gorilla in the monkey house.  Why isn't she banging Superman?  Okay, yes they are indeed first cousins but they are also the last members of their entire fucking race.  I mean be glad he's not your brother, ya know?  Because he would still have to be it.  There is no one else.  No adequate explanation has ever been offered other than they are first cousins and only hillbillies and Arabs do that.

Actually Superman was one the biggest weaknesses in this series. He was there as the background character we NEVER see but is kind of manipulating things.  Why do we never seem him?

The reason we couldn't see him is because he is an A-List superhero and the TV heroes are on the B-team.

They should have just removed Superman from the story line, completely. Lets face it, they were never going to get permission to use the character anyway so make it a plot point.  That could have worked so well.  Superman has vanished and no one knows where he has gone to.  Kara is very unwillingly filling in for him.  She doesn't feel she is up to the task.  But instead we have a faceless Messianc figure who relays messages to Kara through mouth of his prophet, Jimmy Olson and  occasionally texts her.  Superman is referred to as Him by her and everyone else, (praise Space Jesus!)

Now the feminists complained about the romantic subplot too.  Those complaints were along the lines of, it interfered with the "You go girl,"vibe they wanted to see from a show that had Allie McBeal in it. (*Sidebar note: Calista Flockhart did a top notch job. I actually enjoyed her performance and that shocked the hell out of me.*)    What they couldn't say because it was heresy to do so, is that the cross racial romance killed the show.  Black on White romantic subplots are the flavor of the month in Hollywood and there is no getting around this...They just don't work.  There are two reasons they fail.  The first is that the politics come before the casting choice.  If you have lead actor and actress and there is no chemistry, too bad because they are right colors, so we are going with them.  They have the same problem with the Flash and it's the same producers for both shows.  If there are no sparks between the leads, there are no sparks. Which means you have a romantic lead whom the writers keep giving Things To Do. Because he has No Reason To Be There.  That is always a drag on the plot.

The Second reason, is the truth that can't be spoken; white men are turned off by it.  It doesn't matter how smoking hot she is, white women who like black men are immediately Othered, for most white men.  You are invited to scream racism if that makes you feel better but you aren't going to change the truth of it.  And that's not just my opinion there are psych studies that back it up.

So you have a major romantic subplot where the sparks aren't flying between the leads and the romance turns off fifty percent of the audience.  Ratings Gold!

Next sex appeal.

That was it.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Again, feminist Supergirl, So being anything other than moderately attractive was impermissible.

The pity of that is that they really weren't committed to that 1960s throwback costume.
Supergirl has had several costumes over the years and honestly the one above would have been a better ratings draw. Any of the ones below would have worked too.

Not sure if this last is actually a costume

This show was written by male feminists so anything that gave them that funny feeling downstairs was badthink regressive.  Consequently Kara is the only woman on Earth content to wear the same outfit everyday.  Real women as opposed to Gamma Females like to have their bodies appreciated and Melissa Benoist clearly killed herself getting those abs.  She should have had a chance to show them off.

So long as we are on the subject.  I will give credit where it's due to the lead actress, Melissa Benoist did as decent enough  job with the material she was given.  She made Kara seem (*bleech*) spunky yet vulnerable.  Considering one the producers is the guy who gave us Lost Girl, I was expecting her to be portrayed as a man with tits.  While that vibe was present, the actress was able to beat it down.

However her portrayal did have some noticeable weakness.  Superman is in actuality a disguise that Clark Kent wears (not that Zack Snyder could remember that).  He was raised completely on Earth. He is Clark Kent.   Supergirl on the other hand was raised on Krypton. Kara Danvers is a disguise that Supergirl wears. That is a big difference.  She's an alien who should be expected to view this world as an alien would and she just doesn't.  She comes across as a mid-west farm girl who is all gosh and golly gee to be living life in the big city.

Admittedly the rest of the Kyrptonions on the show acted exactly the same way, so I can't blame Melissa Benoist for that.  The other Kryptonions...(*sigh*)  Okay, as I said at the start I'm not going into everything wrong with the show.

Okay summary time because I've wasted too much time on this when I should be wasting time on Song of Grod.  The producers were trying to make a feminist version of The Flash and they failed miserably.  In summary, this show was garbage.

Garbage for feminist babies!

And I can prove it. Professional critics are all progressives, that is the nature of that beast.  They will always inflate their reviews for something that is strongly progressive. For Supergirl the Rotten Tomatoes critics score was 97%.

The viewer score was 53%.

UPDATE: 5/13/2016  Bob is correct. (*sigh*) Apparently the ratings, while not good enough for CBS are good enough for the CW.  I predict with confidence that none of the issues I pointed out will be addressed.

On the bright side it's one less hour of programming the CW can stuff mopey teenage vampires into so I'll call the glass half full.

Hope they do something about the costume though.

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bob k. mando said...

Given it's expense as well as it's low ratings, cancellation is pretty much a certainty.

seems to be going to CW.

Not sure if this last is actually a costume

can't be a body paint job, notice the spanning of the tits.

could be a 2d painting with the face shooped on.