Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hiroshima...War Is Not Clean

Barrack Obama got to full fill a long cherished wish of his last week.  One that doubtless had been burning bright in his chest when he was just an Affirmative Action undergraduate.   The American President groveled in apology for Hiroshima and better still he was the American president doing it.

Captain Dumbass has tried to do this before, when he was doing his first around the world grovel-a- thon back in 2009.  Back then the Japanese wouldn't let him.  Never being one to forget a slight both real and imagined the narcissist-in-chief put that one away in his special place and waited seven years.  Obama appears to find making up his mind about something a very arduous and disagreeable task, consequently he avoids like the fucking plague changing his mind about anything.  1980's No Nukes drivel is very much in keeping with that.  Obama is 1980's Doonesbury, when all the cool kids have long since migrated to Bloom County.

It was also during this period that the tacit belief,  Hiroshima was a war crime was adopted by young stuffed shirts who were in love with Gary Hart.  Barrack Obama being one of them.  It's a spoiled child's view of warfare.  That you can make war and still have a clean conscious.  The fool still subscribes to it today even though he above all people should know better.  I supposed skipping intel briefs all the time helps with that.

Avoiding military history classes really helps with that.  Total dead from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was in the neighborhood of 100,000 and that's being generous. But let's say we didn't drop the bomb and invaded with conventional forces.   Projected dead Japanese from Operations Olympic and Coronet; approximately 6,000,000.  Our own loses would have been in the 800,000 range and Japan would have been divided like Germany.*

I'd say do the math but Obama and the Obamettes are very bad at math.

To paraphrase Martin Van Creveld; From time to time war begins to resemble an elaborate game with a massive rule book and elaborate regulations.  We currently live in such a time.   Progressive illusions now make up the bulk of our defense strategy. That there are "legitimate targets" and "illegitimate targets" There is the myth of "Targeted Strikes," Which replaced the older and sillier term, "Surgical Strike."  And of course"War Crimes."

The term war crime today basically means whatever turns the stomachs of the Daily Show's staff.  But the truth of the matter is, "War Crime" was invented by the winners as an excuse to execute the losers. Executing enemy leadership is hardly anything new.

The guy about to get clubbed to death is history's first recorded war criminal

The term War Crime was invented to keep things modern and up to date. Dishing out justice  was a nearly laughable side effect on the occasions it happened (if we thought you were useful, it didn't happen).  You will note that the biggest war criminal of all, namely one Joseph Stalin was notably absent from the Nuremberg docket.

There is now a pervasive belief that technology can (through some agency that can best be described as having superpowers), make war so clean that only a few uniformed combatants (or better still, unmanned drones)  need to be killed to win a war.

The problem is that war is not a game.

You win at Chess by immobilizing your opponent's king. You win at war by breaking your opponents will to resist your will. Do you see the difference?

 Killing your opponents women and children is a very effective means of doing just that.  It will break an opponents will to resist yours.

The third major campaign of the Seventy Year German Unification War (Cataline's term) kicked off in 1914.  The Germans lost five years later.  And it accomplished nothing, the German people, who had not been targeted in any serious way, were convinced they could have won if they hadn't been betrayed by their politicians.

In 1941 Japan and Germany were the two most warlike cultures on earth. Then they went to war with America and discovered they were total pacifists.  The reason they discovered this was because of the direct targeting of civilian population centers.

Today because of a coldwar that didn't turn hot and one superblitzkrieg against what was in 1991 a near-peer, we are under the impression that we can take the war out of war.  That only a few of the wrong people need to killed and the other side will pack up and go home.

Wrong call.  Radical Islam has rejected Obama's surrender and are following our armies home to the west.

"From time to time war begins to resemble an elaborate game with a massive rule book and elaborate regulations.

And always someone comes along to show you...No...Oh no, it's not a game.  War is not a game at all.  War is simply war."

*Some historical illiterate will always bring up the idiotic notion of, "we only needed to fire off a nuclear warning shot off the cost and Japan would have surrendered."  Completely and magnificently wrong, ignorant and stupid.  Even after the bombs were dropped Japanese militants stormed the imperial palace with the intent of conducting a coup d'etat in order to keep the war going.  


Jew613 said...

The casualty estimates for operation downfall were extremely optimistic as they were based upon a projected Japanese troop strength of 300,000 regular soldiers of the various branches of the Japanese military. In actuality the Imperial forces on Kyushu would have been in the neighborhood of 900,000.

The battle of Okinawa was so bloody around half of the civilian population including all men of military age died, and that wasnt even one of the main Japanese islands.

Cataline Sergius said...

I'm inclined to agree. The invasion of the home islands would have been a horrifying upheaval of nature.

Fatman and Little Boy saved millions more lives than they ever took.

Jon M said...

Never let basic math interfere witn a good virtue signal.

Cataline Sergius said...

They never have before.