Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story...Cataline's Trailer Reaction

Fuck me, I thought it was fan trailer.

My mistake but not by much.

Well good news, this December Kathleen Kennedy's newest Mary Sue is going to be stealing the Death Star plans...and our hearts!

That's right we get to have another Grrl Star Wars Hero.  She's got all the hallmarks, we've come to know and love:

English accent? Check.

Ninety pounds soaking wet?  Check.  

Beat up a fireteam of Stormtroopers?  Double Check! 
I don't know this for certain but I'm willing to bet that she is also really good at everything and everyone likes her, except for the white cis-gendered hetro-normative enforcers of patriarchal the bad guys.

Yay Disney!

I am now moving from worried suspicion to dread certainty that the new Indiana Jones movie will feature a feminist action hero who takes over from Indy.

I know she will be ninety pounds soaking wet but maybe...just maybe she'll be an American...Maybe.


Okay. It turns out we aren't the only ones who noticed.


gnossoss said...

It's nice to see someone responding to this awful trailer like I did. People treat these things like they're separate, as though it's a coincidence that 100% of these new alleged Star Wars films have tiny weakling women who can beat up full-size men as stars, when Disney just said how they demanded that the protagonist of TFA be a "strong empowered female." And now we have this garbage.

I'm tired of pretending this is its own thing, and not part of continuous effort to take over something that we all know is popular primarily due to white male nerds, to stuff this down their throats. "Occupy Star Wars," as it were.

And of course this one is even more offensive since it jams feminist BS back into the original trilogy timeline, and retcons out a story with a cool mercenary hero so it can be a butt-kicking girl instead.

It's hard to deny that entryism is a problem when it's destroying Marvel comics, Star Wars, and video games, all things that white male nerds (really the "male" is redundant) like me love. It's sad how so many don't see it and treat these new, terrible incarnations as though they should be given the benefit of the doubt individually.

jaericho said...

Season 2 of Daredevil is the same thing. Skinny, English accented Elektra can beat up ninjas that give Daredevil a run for his money. I really enjoyed the first season of Daredevil, but the second was a disappointment.

Cataline Sergius said...

The funny thing about the Force Awakens is that Rey, who is the star of the damn movie, is almost an incidental character.

I am certain that JJ Abrams is far left and politically correct but he is a decent enough artist that Rey comes across as the unwanted bastard child of his own damn story.

Nobody involved in the production (with any talent) wanted her there.

Po, Finn and Kylo all fit. Han, Liea and Chewie also fit in sad pass the baton kind of way. Rey does not.

I am not seeing this next one. Not doing it at all.