Friday, April 22, 2016

Praise Space Jesus!!

It is a truth that cultures that are not exposed to the gospels are driven to seek God.

But what about cultures that have abandoned God and God's Laws?

Sherman set the Wayback Machine for a time when kids would get that joke; Cataline's childhood.

I've bitched before about how much I used to bitch then, regarding the dearth of Science Fiction in pop culture prior to 1977.  We didn't have a lot of  Speculative Fiction on the big or little screens back then.  We would get a new TV show once every three years of so and then it would be canceled after one season.   Science Fiction movies were almost as rare, although they had actual science in them, (you sure as hell wouldn't see that today).

The heroes and villains were quite a bit different as well.

Tom Baker's Doctor Who was an alien who acted like an alien.  He didn't get a lot what made humans...well, human.   He liked us enough, to stick his neck out for us. And we kind of liked him for doing that. He was primarily a cerebral hero.  He would use his brain to save the day.  That was pretty much all their was to Doctor Who.

Darth Vader, when he was first introduced (and before George Lucas started lying about him) was really just a Black Knight, muscle villain. "He was just the guy who went in with the troops. Whenever Vader showed up, you knew the Empire meant business."  Star Wars was at it's heart a Luddite fable about spirituality versus technology.  So it made sense to make the heavy a cyborg.  There really wasn't anything more to Darth Vader than that.

Superman.  Christopher Reeve had only two turns as the Man of Steel that weren't complete, abject laughably bad embarrassments.  But still those first two movies were pretty good.*  We got to see the real fantasy of Superman.  The adolescent male's dream of the completely awkward nerd who was secretly the best and brightest at everything. 

I have presented you with three very different aliens from circa 1978, however they all had one thing in common. 


And then there is the weirdest demi-messiah of them all.

Did you know that Darth Vader was the result of a Virgin Birth?


False Messiahs are nothing new.

In the atheist Soviet Union that Messiah was Joesph Stallin.

In atheist NAZI Germany that Messiah was Adolph Hitler.

In Ba'athist Egypt it became Nasser.

In Iraq; Saddam.

America was getting by with the original messiah well enough for a quite a while.  But that changed during the 1970s.  The liberal Democrats had recently adopted atheism as one of it's touchstones.  John F. Kennedy, a man who could never get the Democrats nomination today became their Messiah.  At least he was dead. 

But that eventually became more bug than feature so far as the Democrats were concerned.  The first candidate to become their demi-messiah was Bill Clinton.  He was borrowing JFKs shroud to do it.  Still...he managed it. During his presidency Bill was the new JFK.  The press covered for him quite effectively because the internet didn't exist yet.

The thing is that Bill didn't satisfy them. Not really.  Ultimately, even the progressives knew, the man was born crooked and went down hill from there.  His heart was in the right place but his wallet wasn't.  And then there was his taste in fat young interns. 

No Bill just wouldn't do for a Messiah.  But that was Okay the American Left had a new one waiting in the wings. 

And then he was gone before Clinton was even out of office.  He was everything they wanted in a Messiah too.  Young, fair of face and fair of form....uh...and...let me think here...he dated Darryl Hannah back when she was still pretty hot...shit not a lot else to work with here. 

But then the American Left didn't want him to have done a lot because when you do a lot, you can do a lot WRONG.  So better a blank resume than flawed one so far as they are concerned.  Still JFK jr was snatched from them due to his own flagrant stupidity**

Once again they were without an atheist progressive messiah.

And then suddenly they had one.

Meet 2008's Space Jesus.

An utterly incompetent man, unfit for role that fate thrust upon him.  Yet he was elected twice because they could not and still can not admit that the man is a fuck-up.

It is a truth that cultures that are not exposed to the gospels are driven to seek God.

But what about cultures that have abandoned God and God's Laws?

They are also driven to seek God. And that is the real tragedy of them. 

They are desperately trying to find the Messiah.  They create new ones constantly.  It's gone from trope to trite at this point.  Their urgent need to find the Redeemer who is not the Son of God.

 They are too proud to accept Him and turn away to create gods of the mundane...who always fail them.

*(sigh) Okay, okay, okay...only the first movie by Richard Donner was any damn good.  He didn't really direct the second one, the credit for that one goes to Richard Lester.   

** A VFR pilot taking off in IFR conditions. No flight plan filed.  Over water.  In a single engine aircraft.  Also bringing his wife and his sister along for his joyride to Valhalla.  One of the Civil Aviation pilots conducting the search for him was heard to ask, "Did he leave a suicide note?"

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