Saturday, April 30, 2016

Please Tell Me This Is Fake.

I've never been a particularity wild fan of home schooling or private schooling come to that.

Yes, the social lessons learned in public schools are brutal but they are necessary.  Back when I was stuck in the hell of Marine Corps Recruiting Command, I quickly noticed on the daily roster that there were almost never any kids from private or home schools.  By private I am including Christian schools.

I talked to the recruiters about that and they told me.  Yes, they do interview both but they never enlist.  Unspoken was the view that those kids were just too soft to hack Marine Corps Bootcamp.

After meeting  a few myself, I was inclined to agree.  They were always just a bit too quick to smile, a bit too sold on their own importance as unique individuals.  A bit too much of a special little snow flake.   They were way too self-important too enlist.  That was for lesser men.

 And no, these weren't Millennials, these kids were on the tail end of Gen-X.  

The Public School Kids were all right...Okay no, that's a lie.  They were pretty fucking far from all right.  Even the ones with double digit IQs were convinced that a Bachelors in English would land them a six digit income and a three car garage.  But they were at least socially adept.

And...this is the crux of the matter.  They had been educated not Reeducated.

First impressions matter.  It's very hard to undue them.  And these kids are being trained at a high school level to reject Western Civilization.

In my day you had to go college to learn how to be that stupid.

My takeaway is this.  Given that every kid is now trained to overvalue their own importance as individuals.  And every child is wrapped in bubble wrap when they walk through their school doors, then there is no longer any benefit to having them learn from the School of Hard Knocks social interaction because that no longer exists.

 Yes, if it is at all possible for you to do so.  Home school your kids.  

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