Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Alternate headlines:

Lena Dunham Does the Unthinkable!


Grapefruit Spoon Sales Skyrocket! (Lets face it you won't need or want your eyes after seeing this)

The New York Times Feminist Goddess...

Yeah, that goddess right there

...the Dunham Whorror herself, in a desperate bid for attention and in a final attempt to kill all boners forever.  With the final countdown clock now ticking on her unwatched HBO show.  Lena Has Done the Thing You Can't Unsee.

Lena showed her junk on TV.

Feminist actress and comedian Lena Dunham, who falsely portrayed herself as a victim of sexual assault in her 2014 memoir, flashed her genitals on HBO’s Girls on Sunday.

In the episode titled “
Hello Kitty,” Dunham’s character Hannah, who is a teacher, sat down with her school’s principal to discuss a series of complaints lodged against her.

To diffuse the situation, Dunham’s skirt-clad Hannah pulls from Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct by uncrossing her legs and exposing her vagina to him.

“Hannah pulling a Basic Instinct is one of the strangest things we’ve ever written on the show,” Dunahm said of the episode. “It came out in the writers’ room and we kept thinking it would somehow disappear, and then — lo and behold — it was still in the script the day that I had to open my legs on set.”

When HBO canceled Deadwood, I canceled HBO. 

I made my choice and by god, I stand by it!


Jew613 said...

Lena Dunham is the perfect storm of unattractive. Chubby, but no breasts, mannish face and gross skin. To make it all worse she is a child molesting feminist liar.

Wild Ape said...

MY EYES!!! You gave no trigger warning, no merciful blocking. Her image is seared into my memory! Where is my grapefruit spoon?

Cataline Sergius said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Good...Gooood. The hate makes you strong! Gives you purpose!