Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What The Hell Is Kaisch Doing?

Kaisch has now gone all in on Immigration Surrender.  He IS a flighty egomaniac but he ISN'T so far gone that he doesn't know that he is now a complete pariah to the base.

The base is an acceptable loss to Kaisch.

But Cataline, how is planning to get elected without voters you ask?  Simple, he isn't planning to get elected.  He never was.

On the face of it there is a plan here.

1. Make himself the darling of the lib media.

2. Make himself the darling of the Chamber of Commerce.

3.  Because of 1 and 2, therefore the darling of the Establishment.  Since they sure as hell don't want to back Ted Cruz.  They'll do it if they have to, in order to stop Trump but they will be throwing up in their mouths a little the whole time.

4. Use Chamber of Commerce money to keep himself on life support while he continues to knee cap Cruz for the rest of the primary season. Unless Kaisch collapses completely he should provide Trump with enough cover to win the first ballot.

5. Having delivered the nomination to Trump and if he can also deliver Ohio, (we shall know by tomorrow).  Present himself to Trump as the Uber Establishment VP that balances out his ticket.

6. Wait for the big, "you're hired!"  Kaisch knows that Trump can't afford to be ideologically pure if he gets the nomination.  Trump will have to try and drag the fragments of the party together.  And for that he will need a Uber Establishment VP.  Trump can count on his base's forgiveness for this because A. They have forgiven him for everything else and (B. Prime) No one ever really cares who the Vice President is anyway.

7. Give the electorate eight years to forget his stance on immigration.  By the end of a Trump presidency, Trump will have either kept his word or sold us out completely.  Either way it will be a long dead issue by 2024. 

8.  Use eight years of built up favors as VP to secure his status as aging Crown Prince of the Republican Party.  He'll be 71 by then but he's a Baby Boomer, age doesn't apply to him

This is actually a workable plan.  It's how we got saddled with the Bush dynasty for twenty years.


Jew613 said...

Kasich is also very friendly to the unions which would help bring even more Reagan democrats into the trump camp regardless of how terrible kasich is on immigration.

Cataline Sergius said...

Yeah. Right to Work was the death of Rick Snyder as a national GOP politician. The Republicans will never forgive one of their own for successfully attacking a union.

SciVo said...

You are completely delusional. There is exactly zero percent chance of Kasich having any role whatsoever in a Trump administration.

Cataline Sergius said...

One, do not speak to me in that tone in my house again or you will be spammed and banned.

Two, This IS KAISCH's PLAN. Whether or not Trump follows it is completely immaterial to the matter at hand.