Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Red Pill Review: Zootopia...Yeah I'm Doing A Kid's Film

You will find a strong undercurrent of resentment in Hollywood towards the memory of Walt Disney. 

It's usually hard to put your finger on exactly why they feel that way.  There is a lot of vague, "well you know" type comments without a lot of specifics to back it up.  You get the feeling that they don't really want to tell you why they feel that way towards Uncle Walt.

Because they don't.

Here is the reason why.  Walt Disney purged the Communists at his studio so thoroughly that they couldn't regain a foothold there for decades.  He specifically weeded them out and kept them out.  He was the only studio boss who managed that. The rest of the Moguls were giving the Hollywood Ten work under the table before the ink was dry on the Blacklist. But not Walt.

Walt Disney was a noted conservative all of his life.   His brand wasn't just family friendly. There was an attempt in all of his works to say 'this is what my vision of America is.'  There were morals and values on display in all of his animated shorts as well as in his feature films.  This was what had made him a target of Hollywood Communists in the first place.  They nearly destroyed his studio during the 1941 strike.

Two things saved him at that time.  First America went to war and needed propaganda films, so Walt got a big War Department contract to tide him over.  Second because of the first, Walt was able to go through the Communist infiltrators at his studio with a gutting knife.  He ruthlessly saved Disney Studios by chopping down his head count from 1,200 to a little over 700.

In Walt's own words, "it cleaned house at our studio" and got rid of "the chip-on-the-shoulder boys and the world-owes-me-a-living lads". 

When Walt passed away, his family tried to keep the honor clean but Disney was long since a publicly held corporation.  There is only so much you can do under those circumstances.  Yet the ghost of Walt largely did keep them out. Roy Disney kept Hollywood liberalism within the bounds of sanity.  But sadly even the most glorious reign must end some day.  Entryism has now been completed at Disney studios and it is well on its way towards becoming an SJW convergent zone.

 The last movie with an openly right wing message was from Pixar, rather than Disney proper.  Monsters University and it's central theme of There Are Some Things You Just Can't Do, So Live With It.

The first of  the Marvel Studios movies were very pro-America.  And then Disney bought up Marvel  And you've seen what's happened to those movies since then.  The films have remained competent but America is now clearly the greatest problem in the world.  Disney Studios also gave us Agent Carter.

Agent Carter starts off with our old friend Howard Stark (who as you may recall is Tony Stark without the magic), being brought up on charges of Communism before the House Un-American Activities Committee. Silly Cataline, no one in Hollywood ever uses the C word. I meant of course to say that, Stark (the elder) was brought up on charges of selling weapons to the completely unnamed enemies of the United States. 

Stark contacts Peggy and begs her for help, several of his deadliest MacGuffins have been stolen, along with all the congressmen he should have had on the payroll.  Peggy commits several felonies by agreeing to help him in secret while working for a super secret agency that everyone in New York appears to know about.  She Brings the Coffee, spies on her own side for a rich playboy and has adventures that don't advance the plot.  All while deciding which of her two love interests she’s going to go to eventually select.   Alpha tough guy Thompson or crippled White Knight Sousa.  

On the off chance this show is renewed, it will be Sousa.


We then discover what is going on, isn’t an elaborate scheme by the remnants of Hydra. Rather it is a private revenge mission due to a secret war crime, America committed against Soviet troops during the war.  

America is to blame for everything.


Of fucking course.

There was no defensible reason for renewing Agent Carter for another season.  It was laughable stupidity to renew a show with such high expenses and to not change anything other than the location.  However it was very, very popular with SJW feminists.  Which is the only reason that it was renewed.  It sure as hell wasn't the ratings or the critical reception.

Other feminist turds have recently been pooped out, by Disney.

First, Maleficent comes irresistibly to mind.  With it's weird quasi-rape of young Maleficent by the now evil King Stephen. It's odd Grrl power message.  And the fact that the action was so confusing they needed a narrator for literally half of the movie.

There is a new Beauty and Beast live action movie coming out starring Emma Watson.  Given how her career has tanked since Harry Potter wrapped there is only one reason to hire her.  Feminist cred.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens while being pretty good, had one rather notable weakness; The Rey Character;


Rey.  Daisy Ridley again  fine job.  Nuff said.   Rey is the Princess-who-Rescues-Herself.  Doesn't need a man in her life and never will.  Rey is pure feminist wish fulfillment.  No explanation at all is given for her hyper-competence in everything. And the bad part is the production team clearly felt none was needed.  It is purest Grrrrrrl Power.  She is already being hailed as a Feminist Icon because she isn't real.  She is a Standard Korra-Pixie-Ninja.  She gets really mad at Finn for holding her hand and trying to save her when they are being shot at.  She can do that herself thank you very much.

This is going to create problems with plotting down the road.    Unless they are going to ramrod the Rey-Finn love story in the name of an SJW-friendly romance. She already has Wonder Woman's problem.  She is too powerful for any man in her life to be attractive to her. None of them are strong enough to be able to push her buttons in her in the real world.

A rapid leftward spiraling  downhill trend has been established at Disney.

It's newest product is; Zootopia.

How can you tell it's leftwing?  Simple.  If a lefty sermon movie is utter crap, it will never pull less than a 65% positive at Rottentomatoes.  A typical really good movie will get around 81% positive.  But a well made lefty sermon movie is the only kind of movie that will score 95% plus at Rottentomatoes.  Zootopia is currently sitting at 99%.

Many spoilers ahead but this is a kid's film so who gives a crap?


 We first meet our protagonist, a female bunny named Hops at a school play.  We get an abbreviated history of Zootopia world as well as the central theme of this movie.  Hops reveals her ambition to be a cop, which no bunny has ever been before.  She promptly gets beaten up by a school bully who is a fox, highlighting the struggles she will endure.

We are treated to her struggles as she over comes crippling bigotry and her own physical limitations to make it on to the Police Force and move to a standin for New York City called Zootopia.  She then has to prove herself to her hard nosed but ultimately sympathetic boss as she finds herself assigned to a missing persons case.  Eventually she discovers that animals that used to be predators are going savage the mayor of Zootopia has had them secretly locked up for study.

I should say former predators, since the animals of Zootopia make a very big deal out of how they all live in harmony although Glod knows what the predators eat since it can't be meat of any kind.  But they apparently overcame their need to eat food ages ago, so kumbaya everybody!

Hops forms a relationship with a fox named Nick Wilde, which bunnys aren't supposed to do because predator but she does anyway to defy...something.    Anyway, they discover the truth of the mayor's private looney bin for feral predators. And she blows the lid off of it.  Hops is now a hero but during a press conference she hopelessly offends her fox friend with a racially insensitive comment and I wish I was kidding.

Downward spiral for Hops ensues after having been racially insensitive, as the former prey now turn in fear on the former predators. And Hops blames herself until she quits her job and goes back home.  She then has an epiphany when she meets her former school bully who is now reformed and spouts SJW babble in a dumb-dumb voice. She also miracles her way into finding out what has been causing the predators to go feral.

Hops returns to the city, makes up with Nick the Fox and the two of them reveal the real villain and save the day.


The detail work was certainly up to Disney standards.  Computer animation has finally come into it's own at Disney Studios. (Enough so that Pixar will I fear soon be redundant). Lots of great little details like the way the bunnies noses would twitch.  They incorporated quite a bit of the minutia of animal behaviors into the characters performance.  It worked nicely.  Voice performances were excellent as well with two standouts being Idris Elba and J.K. Simmons. the shrew mafia was pretty funny.  In fact all of the gags were pretty good. The dialog was solid.  The pacing was also good, it never dragged.


The plotting, was only so-so with nothing particularly clever.  There were no outstanding plot devices.  In fact the reveal of what the night howlers were, was, (if not quite Deus ex machina), pretty fucking lazy. 

In most ways, it was the standard buddy cop  movie plot with the Rookie proving herself to the old guys. 

It feels like the plot was designed by committee, which effectively it was.  There are three directors and TEN people listed for Story and Writing, so I'm kind of surprised that it turned out as well as it did.

Also the Yoga class while funny, was a bit risque for a little kid's film.  If you as parent have to offer your child an awkward explanation for a scene, then it is not appropriate for children.


It's politics:

They are of the feminist SJW variety.

The relationship with the non-Alpha male fox was tailor made for respectful platonic friendship built upon earned trust and no romantic interest what-so-ever.  Very consciously so.  Straight Female and straight male and they are just good friends because they can't be anything else. No romance allowed.

Two big things on display in this movie.  The first is Alpha resentment.  Every Alpha in this movie is, "part of the problem,"  They are all bullies to our bunny.  Although none of them are actual villains. That particular mindset of resentment of male authority is very much on display through out the entire production.  Especially in the characters of the Chief and (in particular) the Mayor.

Strangely enough, in some ways it even recognizes it's own Alpha resentment with the plot device of the peaceful Predators being unjustly feared by the herbivores.

You might think that the theme of this film is just the usual Hollywood babel of, "you can be anything you want to be, if you only try hard enough."  But it's not.  The overriding theme here is a far more insidious one.  The big theme for Zootopia is; "Biology doesn't matter, you can be anything you want to be if you only want it hard enough"

It doesn't matter if you are rodent (fine, lagomorph) you can bring down a rhinoceros if you are only clever enough. 

It doesn't matter if you are a tiny shrew, you can be the Godfather if you really want it.

It doesn't matter if you are biologically incapable of surviving on a diet fruits and tofu if your digestive tract is designed for an all meat diet.  You only have to want it badly enough and before know it you are living in a world where Shakira is a singing gazelle and is surrounded by four of the gayest looking tigers you've ever seen in your life.

Sigfried and Roy would have loved them.

That is what supposedly makes this movie "so timely" and "so thoughtful."  This is the big message that is being disguised as anti-racism.  

Walt Disney, managed to keep his namesake company clean of the infestation for years but sadly he didn't go far enough.  Ultimately entryists will always gain entry unless you build your organization specifically around stopping them.


SciVo said...

Summary: Zootopia is as gay as rainbow tofu on a sodomy sandwich.

Cataline Sergius said...

No, the problem is that this actually is a good movie.

That's what makes it insidious.

Most lefty sermon movies are boring and awful vanity projects and Oscar bait

This one is going to be around for a long time. You are going to be having to sit with your kids and watch it with them constantly joking about it.

Jew613 said...

Like frozen.

Cataline Sergius said...

Frozen is creepier in it's own way.

At least Officer Hopps couldn't negligently create life like some glacially themed Frankenstein.