Saturday, March 12, 2016

Red Pill Remembrance; When A Girl Spends Money On You...It's The End

In the glory of Cataline's comparative youth he had a friend from college.  Bob the Friend.

Bob the Friend was a middle of the road kind of guy.  You could count on Bob to bring a twelve pack to D&D games and chip in for the pizzas.  He had a truck and would help you move if that was needed. Friendly guy but not too friendly.  Decent looking without being exceptional.  A picture perfect average Joe.  In other words a Delta.

He had a job at local of seafood restaurant and moved into being a manager, when college didn't work out for him.

He was doing alright for awhile.

And then it happened

It was there that Bob the friend fell hard for a waitress who was (it has to be admitted) a solid Ten.

Raquel...Well she was named Raquel for a start.  Millennials wouldn't understand this but back in the 1980s being named Raquel came with certain rights and prerogatives if you were a blonde and a Ten.

It was never Rocky it was always Raquel.  She had a beautiful singing voice and she did modeling work on the side.  She was never going to get anywhere with either.  She didn't have the right body type for the later and didn't have the right kind of personality for the former.  Raquel was just as boring as any really beautiful girl tend to be.  

Look padawans. Tens, do not like Star Wars.

They just don't can't. They don't have horrible lives that they have to escape from, so it just has no appeal for them. They drift through the early years of their lives in a fantasy world where pretty much everyone is nice to them simply because they are beautiful.   They never develop real world people skills.  They never develop intriguing personalities.  They never create in depth opinions.  And they never like Star Wars.


The tragic part is Tens are comparatively easy to approach. Sevens and Eights get approached more often, so they develop thicker boundary layers. Tens live in a world where everyone except another pretty girl is nice to them.  They have, as I said, lived their whole lives in a happiness bubble.   Unless they are in a relationship a lot them are pretty lonely.

And no that doesn't mean the door is open to you.  You should know better.  


Cold comfort Tens are just as dull and unimaginative in bed as they are in every other aspect of their lives.

Raquel was typical of the breed. A beautiful girl living an ultimately sad life as dictated by 1980s second wave feminism. And she wasn't a feminist. She was too good looking for that. She just lived the lifestyle that they approved of.

She moved in with her high school steady boyfriend, instead of marrying him. I met him briefly once. I was picking up Bob after work on a Sunday night because his truck was in the shop. He had Raquel in tow, she needed a ride home too but she was a little reticent because she said her boyfriend wouldn't like it. She was right.

Cataline: Well how are you getting home?

Raquel: I was going to walk to the bus station. It's only two miles.

Cataline: At 11:30 at night?

Raquel: Uh-huh.

Cataline: Shut up and get in.

During the ride, I politely flirted with her. She she responded with delighted giggles, while Bob impotetnly seethed. Bob was already deeply in the friend zone with her. Sure enough her boyfriend came storming out their duplex raging at me for not letting the love of his life get raped and murdered. We nearly threw down in his carport.

Unsurprisingly, his constant mate-guarding ended up killing the relationship. So Raquel was a free woman and Bob thought he had a shot. 

Wrong. He was still in the friendzone.

It was everybody else's turn with her for about eight months. Raquel was living the life that had been declared to be fabulous by the likes of Hannah Rosen. She had gone from a girl who had only slept with one guy in her life to being the life of the party. In short she indulged herself in being a slut. She had been assured it was something she could walk away from.

Girls under the age of twenty two fall in and out of love in a heartbeat. Raquel was no exception. She also had a bad taste in men. Enough so that she was always crying on Bob's shoulder after each and every breakup.

Bob constantly begged my advice on getting out the friendzone. I repeatedly told him to take her off the pedestal. Also to fuck ten other women. I'd be happy to play wingman for him. And Finally, against my better judgement I gave him the real advice he was looking for.

Basically just push/pull game with some variances to break Beta orbit. There was a fifty/fifty chance it would work and sadly it did.
Bob could not have been happier. He was in bed with the girl of his dreams.

Raquel used terms of endearment on him like, "punkin" and "sweetie-bug" and other things you'd call a little kid. They moved in and got in engaged. What I could see plain as day and Bob the Friend simply could not, was that she had consciously decided to settle for less. She didn't trust her own judgement on men anymore. So she was just going to make herself settle for steady old Bob the Friend.

Bob couldn't see it but she was treating him like a puppy. Albeit, one that she had to do this icky thing with a couple times a week.

They were together for two years. The sex became infrequent and dull pretty quickly. Bob was also totally cool about her seeing men friends casually because he knew that that was why her first big relationship had failed. Yeah, you know where this one is headed.

Anyway out of the blue she whisked Bob the Friend off for a three day weekend in Las Vegas. The price tag was easily in the four figures. Expensive dinners and pricey hotel room all on her her.

Two days after they got back...she dumped him.

Red Pill Lesson: Sexual interest can in fact be graded. Make it a 1 to 10 scale. 

10 is when a girl is first really, truly and deeply in love with you. 
7 is a normal long term relationship.
4 and below are measures of repulsion.

When a girl has slid down the scale and is hovering around a 5 with her finger now gently resting on the eject button. She will fake it and pretend she is still at an 8 with you. 

Now the big weekend was pretty unusual. When I ran into Raquel shortly after that, I asked her about it. She claimed it was a last ditch effort to salvage the relationship. 

I said, "uh-huh. Different subject but who are seeing now?"

She got a very guilty look on her face.

Remember the men friends thing? Yeah it was that. If a Ten is spending great big wads of cash on you out of the blue. This is guilt money.

I fell out of touch with both of them shortly after that.  I found out that Bob the friend had married somebody else a few years later had some kids with her, they are still together.

Raquel never has gotten married.  She had one kid when she got sloppy with her birth control.  She posts a lot of pictures on her facebook wall from twenty years ago.

Her friends still assure her that she was quite beautiful.

You tell me who won in the end.

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