Friday, March 11, 2016

Red Pill Recomendation; The Chisled Face

It has a Big Ass Gun on the it's opening page

 I don't do this too often but in this case I feel this guy deserves the business.

And this is one of the best values for money out there.

That said, it ain't cheap.  It is however easily a better value than 90% of the shaving soaps out there for the price he is asking.

He is actually using real tallow for his soaps.  That means a large animal died specifically to benefit you in a very minor fashion.


Specifically because SJWs hate that. So win/win.

He also does matching aftershaves, which is awesome beyond words.  And he does sample selections on all these things.

 The scent selection is both refined and unique and that is vitally important to long term success in Game.  Scent is the only sense that is directly tied to the brain.  Everything else has to take the long way around via the nervous system.  Consequently scent is a major...ultra, ultra major memory trigger.  If you have your own recognizable scent women will remember it and  automatically associate it with intense memories of you, years after the event.. 

That is the big reason you don't want to smell like Old Spice.  You won't stand out in her memory if you use something that generic because you can't.

In sales this is called Anchoring.   Sure you can try to do that with some bracelet but that involves spending money and then making her hold it and telling her outright that you want her to think about this moment whenever she looks at it.  This can be done without you coming across as Beta but it's not easy.  Having a unique scent is obviously much better.

As I said it's not cheap.  The soaps run an average of thirteen bucks a puck.  However, I have seen similar quality soap costing sixty dollars a puck. 

Okay you can tell yourself, Gillette suits me just fine I don't need this faggoty shit.

I suppose that's true.  You don't need fine bourbon that pours like dark mahogany and smells of caramel, vanilla and generations of care.  You don't need a superior cigar that was hand rolled and seasoned by time in humidor made of Spanish Cedar.   You don't need a elegant Berretta shotgun in your shoulder as dawn breaks with your dog quivering with anticipation at your side, waiting for the hunt to begin. 

In this day and age you don't need to be a man.

Yet all of these things, like a really good shave is blue collar masculine luxury.

If you don't want any of these things that's fine too. 

But you are sad and Cataline would rather not know you.

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