Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What's Next? Transgender Mickey?

Called it!

When Walt passed away, his family tried to keep the honor clean but Disney was long since a publicly held corporation. There is only so much you can do under those circumstances. Yet the ghost of Walt largely did keep them out. Roy Disney kept Hollywood liberalism within the bounds of sanity. But sadly even the most glorious reign must end some day. Entryism has now been completed at Disney studios and it is well on its way towards becoming an SJW convergent zone.

Disney/Marvel has now finished it's decent into SJW convergence.

The Walt Disney Co. and Marvel Studios indicated opposition to a Georgia religious liberty bill pending before Gov. Nathan Deal, saying that they will take their business elsewhere “should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law.”

With generous tax incentives, Georgia has become a production hub, with Marvel currently shooting “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” at Pinewood Studios outside Atlanta. “Captain America: Civil War” shot there last summer.

“Disney and Marvel are inclusive companies, and although we have had great experiences filming in Georgia, we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law,” a Disney spokesman said on Wednesday.

There it is.

Disney is now making major business decisions on the basis of SJW politics.

The BOD has to be drumming it's fingers worriedly at this point.  Disney isn't doing badly but there are a ton of questionable ideas that are now being implemented.

The parks for instance have always run on the principle of; our guests pay big upfront and that's it.   You don't get nickel and dimed to death at every turn.  If you buy a dining plan you can stay there a week and pay nothing out of pocket unless you want balloons or a three dollar Coke.

Now they are talking about paying extra for preferred parking, paying extra for the Fast-Passes at the rides.  Paying extra for the Magical Express bus from Orlando Airport.  Paying extra...  Paying extra...  Paying extra...

The Disney Vacation Club members used to be treated as prize dairy cattle.  Once in the herd, Disney would take extra special good care of them.  The DVC started life as a means of ensuring the loyalty of guests who vacationed at the parks annually.  There were all kinds of special perks only available to members, not the least of which was being told, "welcome home!" When you arrived at your home resort.  Now anyone who checks in at an on property hotel gets to hear that.  And the special perks are gone.  DVC members are now cattle that are being run hard and dry.

All of this can be laid at the feet of one man.

Bob Iger, was never supposed to be the permanent CEO of Disney.  He was just the guy that was left standing after Roy Disney went to war with Michael Eisner.  When Pixar got bought up it was more or less understood that John Lasseter was going to be take the helm in  about three years with Steve Jobs nodding his head in benevolent approval from behind.  

But then Jobs got sick and Lasseter green lit a couple of pretty big flops.   Later Iger had some high profile successes with Marvel and Lucas Film.  Or to be more exact, he could take credit with the BOD for high profile successes.  

Consequently Iger has now moved into the inevitable  "I am bullet proof" portion of his tenure as Disney CEO.    Also known as "I Am The New Walt" syndrome.  

Iger is also a HUGE donor to Hillary.  Enough so that promises had to have been made.  Nobody gives that kind of the money to Granny Cankles without getting something in return.

Ben Sherwood was hired by Iger to be the President of ABC, his sister is a Special Adviser to Barrack Obama.  Sherwood green lit both seasons of the eye rolling, dull ass feminist drama Agent Carter.  As well as the new sitcom Fair and Balanced, whose mission it is to slam Fox News.  This show is going to cost millions of dollars but won't attract any right wing viewers at all and they know it.  It is being made, knowing that it will be produced at a big loss.

Major business decisions being made on the basis of SJW politics are the hallmarks of an SJW convergent zone.

In the next few years there is going to be a rolling string of disasters for Disney.  The superhero craze is over.  9-11 happened fifteen years ago, memories are fading now.  There have been some quickly swept under the carpet failures there already.  Antman is a harbinger of things to come.  Marvel is flat out of ideas.  Expect some big flops that quarter soon.

Star Wars did quite well but the newness is going to fade fast. Rey is a terrible May Sue of a character. And if the next one is anything at all like Star Trek Into Darkness, there will be a big fall in ticket sales.  

I am willing to bet and actually pay up for once, that Indiana Jones and the Mystery of AARP is going to be a high profile flop.

I also guarantee, if those ideas for the parks are implemented, you can expect a massive attendance drop off.

Then there is all the good will Iger stored up for Disney by shipping in hoards of aliens, so he could fire American Imgineers whose entire life was built around Disney parks.

Lucasfilm and Marvel have hopelessly diluted the brand.

There is now a naked anti-Christian stance at Disney-Marvel-Lucasfilm.

And for love of glod, look what they did to the Muppets!

These are all Iger's pet projects.  The man is fundamentally incapable of long range strategic vision.  Disney's institutional investors are not Silicon Valley billionaires, their patience will wear very thin, very fast. I think they will shortly be sharing my opinion of;  

Bob Iger has to fucking go.

UPDATE: And Cuckservative Governor Nathan Deal (R) caves.  Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm is now dancing in the endzone and sucking it's own dick over how it has defeated evil in Georgia.

SECOND UPDATE:  Interesting and hopefully...hopeful.  Iger's hand picked successor has been sent to the wall by the Disney BOD.  They are now looking outside the company for a new CEO.  This is starting to look a bit like the power struggle that brought Micheal Eisner to power at Disney.  Eisner was no conservative but I'd rather have him back than another Bob Iger.


Jew613 said...

This is just a little more proof that SJWs hate workers, as Georgia's entertainment industry is largely union, and even the non-union portions pay upper working class wages. But they did make the mistake of not living on the dole, so what could they expect.

weka said...

When I was a kid, back when dinosaurs roamed and Joe 90 was on TV, the Disney Show was safe family viewing for everyone including the preschoolers.

Four decades later, the Disney brand == avoid like the plague. They are even taking down Pixar, who have made some of the best kids movies in the last decade (Toy Story series, Cars, Monsters Inc Series).

And they have killed Star Wars. Jar Jar Binks just wounded the memes: Disney is sowing the field with salt having buried the corpse in a uranium casket.

Cataline Sergius said...

It isn't so much Disney in general as it is Bob Iger in particular. He keeps buying up outside entities and then planting and promoting their SJW leadership like cuckoos once they are in the Disney nest.

ABC and Lucasfilm in-particular, have been a source of contagion.

He is really going after the long term people who dedicated their lives to Disney.

I am actually rethinking the firing of Michael Eisner and that's saying something.

Gaiseric said...

Many of those Lucasfilm personnel were already in place before Disney bought them, though. Luscas himself had gone pretty full SJW, and it didn't take him long to start doing so.

It's more disappointing to see the rot take root at Marvel, which had managed to operate fairly independently for a long time. It'll be interesting to see if the Russo brothers and James Gunn, who seem like decent guys (or, at least they're not at all interested in pushing an SJW narrative in their movies) can keep the division afloat for a while by pushing back on pressure from the parent or not.

The comic book division has been a pathetic lost cause since before the sale to Disney, although it's gone even more sharply off the rails since. The TV division of the studio lost me very early on too.

The problem with all of this, of course, is that Iger is hardly an outlier. Corporate life in the West has almost completely gone SJW. The old notion that business interests were inherently conservative shouldn't be believed by anyone anymore.

Cataline Sergius said...

No they decidedly are not. I didn't mind Silicon Valley businesses over much or at least I am so used to their antics I can't take an interest. And I know they are built on quicksand. Eventually that market is going to crash and burn.

It's New York banking interests that I find worrying.

Wild Ape said...

I won't miss Disney movies or Marvel for that matter. I was a long standing comic fan and followed Captain America even into my thirties. I ignored the blatantly leftist stories for as long as I could but eventually they became a platform to vomit their SJW hatred of the right and I stopped reading and haven't looked back since. I don't miss the comics and the movies were okay but their stories changed back to the old comic writing form. In fact I'd say that the Hollywood writers are more in tune with the characters than the Marvel writers were. A good example is the first and second Captain America movies. In the comics they made the Tea Party out to be a bunch of racists. In the movie they ejected all those parts.

Now that Marvel has gone full Disney I will probably pass on the movies too. Disney has ruined everything they have touched since Iger took the helm. They ruined John Carter. They fumbled Pirates of the Caribbean. They played out Winnie the Pooh. Not to mention how they sodomized ESPN to be unwatchable. I don't even watch Monday Night Football even wnen my favorite teams play. The Anaheim Ducks??? Really? And the Gestapo like overreach anyone criticizes "the Mouse" gets tossed out. They are on their way to ruin Marvel too. Nobody wants to be beat over the head with their libtard nutso beliefs. And they even managed to taint Star Wars. How many Death Stars does it take before either the Empire figures out how easy it is to destroy a Death Star or the battles become so yawn worthy as to get people to walk out on the movie? I don't mind strong female characters but....they went out of their way to over do it. I know it is supposed to be cartoonish but it shouldn't be uber cartoonish. I can tell you that I'm not waiting for the DVD to come out. Star Wars was kind of....meh.

Disney has nothing. They have no creativity. They are relying on other people's successes and bring nothing fresh like the days of old.