Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Birthday 1911

Larry Corriea has reminded me that...Okay not reminded...Informed me (I didn't have a fucking clue) that today is the 100th anniversary of the 1911's adoption by the U.S. Army as it's sidearm

Pictured; Not the one I used

This technically makes it a WWI weapon.  Except it wasn't.  Almost no one back then had one.  Pretty much every US officer was using a Colt revolver for that rumble.  However a small number of guys did carry it.

It has seen action in every war, police action and dust-up that the US has fought in since then.  The 1911 has served the nation for...well as of today, a century.  It is now competing with the Brown Bess and the Gladius for longest serving military weapon in history.

I myself carried a  MEU(SOC) 1911 back in the day.

After the Beretta M9 was adopted, the Marine Corps decided they would like something with a bit more knock-down power for the Marine Expeditionary Units when is was up close and bad breath time.

The Marine Corps (being cheap as hell,) scooped up all of the broken down 1911s that had just been taken out of service and Frankensteined, them together into the MEU(SOC) .45.

They rattled but they...(they rattled a lot, a whole lot)...but they did the job.

Honestly, I'm the not the biggest fan of the modern 1911 out there. It was designed by a genius to be built by craftsman.

But today they aren't built by craftsmen...they just aren't.  Any gun designed in that period has a problem with stacking tolerances and the 1911 is no exception.  Since the patents have expired anyone can build one.  And most shouldn't. They have become notoriously unreliable out of the box, unless you are paying through the snout for one.

 I myself long since migrated to it's bastard great-grandson from the Czech Republic.

But still when you hold a 1911 in your hand, even today you can feel a kinship with the men who assaulted the Belleau Wood.  Whose sons and grandsons took Iwo Jima and held the line at Chosin and Khe Sanh.  And whose great-grandsons broke the teeth of the monsters who would break the Men of the West at Kuwait City, Kandahar and Fallujah.

As American as apple pie and fireworks on the 4th.  If civilization falls it will not be his shield the last centurion of the West lays down in the heather but a Browning 1911.

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