Thursday, March 3, 2016

Glock's (*tired sigh*) Thirtieth Anniversary Pistol

Back in 1986 a panic by dumbshits swept America.  There was a new gun out that was so dangerous it absolutely, positively had to be banned.  

A German company (...well Austrian actually), was importing an all plastic pistol called the Glock 17.

It's hard for a modern audience to understand the  terror caused by this "completely undetectable gun." Because the whole thing would fall apart on the first page of a Google search.

Or perhaps not.  The Gun Control Nut cherishes Xyr ignorance on guns as if it was a lost child. 

Anyway.  This drive to ramrod a ban on a gun, naturally made the dull but durable, boxy but reliable, middle of the road Glock, a cult object. 

If the left wanted to ban it, it had to be awesome.

It isn't really. 

Don't get me wrong.  The Glock isn't a bad gun by any stretch. It's not a competition grade masterpiece like the Sphinx 3000.  
One day, my love.
One day.

But it's not a piece of shit like a Kel-Tec either.*

Look at that fine Kel-Tec craftsmanship

It is just a solid, reliable weapon that does what it was designed to do, without in any way being sexy or cool and at $500+ it is medium priced. The Glock is basically a Volvo in pistol form.   Although it has four notable failings.

1.  The sights are not the best out there.  You will end up replacing them eventually. Price $100 for XS Big Dots.

2. The trigger is plastic and feels plasticy.  The pull is a bit too stiff,  although the break is clean enough.  An after market trigger kit will set you back at least another $150.  Plus another $50 from a gunsmith to install  it.  (**)

3. You have to pull the trigger to remove the slide.  This design bug has put many unintended holes in things.

4.  Because of 1 and 2 your $500+ gun is now running you northwards of $800.  There are frankly better guns you can get in that price range.

But tricking out a Glock is I suppose part of the fun(?) of owning one. So perhaps it would be more accurate to say that a Glock isn't so much the Volvo of the pistol world as it is the F-150.  You take a dull but practical bone-stock model and put your own stamp on it.  You make something that is close to the very definition of generic into something that is completely your own.  It is in a word; hackable.

Anyway the Glock 17 has hit the big 30.  Consequently Glock is making a special Thirtieth Anniversary model.

As you can see it looks... a Glock (*tired sigh*)

Honestly guys if you can't put any more effort into it than that, then you should have just taken an ordinary  Glock 17 off the production line and said;  

"Here it is! 


Well of course it still looks the same, you don't mess with perfection." (Their slogan not mine)

Just as an editorial reply.  Here is an anniversary pistol done the right way.  The 40th anniversary Czech-75.

One day, my love.
One day.

*And before the Kel-Tec fans start screaming, "well it worked well enough for George Zimmerman!"  Yeah...Right.  The cops recovered the casing from inside the firing chamber.

** And no I don't give a fuck how handy you think you are with a screw driver.  Get a gunsmith to do this for you.  It's matter of liability.  The Glock safety is in the trigger mechanism itself.  That is what a prosecutor will go for every time.  No, he won't be saying, "this monster put in a special trigger so he could kill women and babies with ease."  Your own lawyer would have a field day with that. 

No, the DA will be trying to make you plead down to Manslaughter from Murder Two.  A conviction for Manslaughter will leave you open to guaranteed financial ruin in a lawsuit.  And anything having to do with the safety is how he is going to be doing that.  Bottom line, let the DA go after your gunsmith.  It's what you are paying him for. 

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