Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Hampshire Takeaway

First; New Hampshire sucks and I'm glad I don't live there.

The Masstard migration out of the hell hole they created for themselves in Massachusetts, has reached full penetration in the Granite State.  Naturally they are bringing their hideous ideas about governance with them.  Once America balkanizes, brutal immigration bans for these third world  deep blue shit holes will have to be rigidly enforced.    Sorry Tom Kratman, it is what it is.  Get out now while it's possible.

Big winner on the Democrat side, Joe Biden.  Whose presidential dreams have now been given the kiss of life by terrified career Democrats.  Hillary was always a fundamentally weak candidate but now she is starting to look like a loser as well.  Bernie is of course completely ridiculous as a presidential candidate.  He only threw his hat in the ring to be a protest candidate.  Now that he is actually running he is doing so as a coward.  He should be pointing out to all and sundry all of the fucking baggage Hillary brings with her past, present and future (indictment pending of course).  But he won't because he is terrified of the idea of making genuine enemies out of the Clintons.

My problem with Sanders is that he's ultimately a coward. He talks a great game about being dedicated to a "political revolution," but he is utterly unwilling to employ the means required to achieve the ends desired.

...Bernie Sanders has to believe Hillary Clinton is part of the problem. But he won't say so, save to prattle on about Clinton's super PACs and speaking fees. That's amateur-hour stuff. It's academic-seminar-level griping, not revolution-fomenting. He wants to talk about the system, but he won't do what is minimally required to change it. And right now, the first step on that long road is steamrolling Hillary Clinton. It's like saying you want to do whatever it takes to fight malaria, but refusing to say much about the huge, sprawling, and fetid marshlands in the middle of downtown. The Clintons are swamp creatures, taking what they need and leaving in their retromingent wake the stench of corruption.

If either of these people are the Democrats candidate (not a sure bet at this point).  The Republican candidate's path to the White House is clear.  Baring a split in the GOP (which is also very possible).

Big winner on the Republican side is of course Chris Christie.  Who not only telegraphed his punch to Marco Rubio (effectively in the form of an actual telegraph) but got out a black marker and circled Rubio's nose on his actual face before reminding him a second time that that is exactly where he was going to punch him.  However even Christie was surprised that the force of his blow was so staggering that Rubio started punching himself in the same spot.

Trump of course has struck a blow for Racism, Sexism and Xenophobia according to the hilariously hysterical Huffington Post.

The MSM pants wetting remains the best part of his candidacy.

I hadn't bet on Cruz to even take fourth so, under the Rubio rule set up in Iowa he can claim total victory for the entire state by coming in third.

The Establishment was the big loser in New Hampshire since they now are apparently going back to the drawing board to examine all of their options. Rubio is damaged pretty badly. Their choice for not Trump-Cruz remains undecided.

Last thoughts.  I am now convinced that the Establishment will split the party and run a spoiler campaign rather than support Cruz or Trump.  So far as those guys are concerned,  they did not join the Republican Party to get chummy with guys that drink home made liquor out of mason jars, have eighteen cars up on blocks in their backyards and sleep with their sisters.

They joined the GOP to rule them.

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