Wednesday, February 3, 2016

If This Is A Joke It's A Bad One

Finnish TV, shows women how to prevent themselves from being raped.  No this is not from the Finnish version of the Onion.  This is from Finland's official state television.

This might work under certain circumstances.  If the rapist has considerable self confidence issues.  If he isn't feeling particularly well that day.  If he was really only trying to find out what time of the day it was.  If the rapist was actually a good feminist and only needed to be reminded NOT TO RAPE.

Still it's good to know that that information is out there now.  Lets see how well it works in a field exercise.

Okay I've detected a couple of issues with the Finnish Method of Rape Resistance when given a practical application trial run. 

One; escape seems to be off the menu when it should be at the top of the playlist. 

Two; everything else.

I mean, wow, she jumped right to swinging her purse and everything and it still didn't work.  You know that is level three Rape Resistance.  Lucky for her they just wanted to beat and kick her.

You can use a purse to successfully fight off a rapist but it has to be the right purse.

This one for example, will work nicely


Michael E said...

Hands up, no rape!

1337kestrel said...

I would love to make a parody video, but sadly I don't have a blonde woman or snow.