Friday, February 12, 2016

Everything Old Is New Again

Let it never be said that the Arab völkerwanderung of 2015 didn't have any positive effects on Western Civilization.

German women are suddenly rediscovering the upside of chivalry.  

Women are now afraid to go out in Germany on their own, preferring to go with men or in large groups for protection claims an expert on the country’s night-life – a professional nightclub bouncer.

The remarks came during an interview with experienced doorman Viktor Hacker, who relayed his observations on the changing party scene in Hamburg since the New Year’s Eve sex attacks rocked the country to the Suddeutsche Zeitung. With 30 years experience in Hamburg’s nightclub district, Mr. Hacker remarked that now, compared to the same time of year previously there are now “fewer people” and those who do go out behave differently.

“One no longer sees women who come alone, or in pairs. Now they always go in larger groups, or have at least one guy”, he said. Women were now in the practice of forming “defensive circles” when inside nightclubs and often get “very uncomfortable”.

I suspect that this is both terrifying and enraging for feminists.  Before you know it women will be making themselves more attractive in order hook up with men for more than just an hour or two. 

Bottom line a man is not going to go to his absolute limit to protect some slut he barely knows.  But he will kill without question to protect his woman.

It might get even worse.  What if women want men so badly that they will actually allow them to be provided with some kind of legal protection if they get married?

How can feminism survive in an environment where actual survival is on the line?

Oh right!

It can't.

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SciVo said...

Why, it's almost as if our opponents are really not all that bright, just incredibly rich and powerful midwits, linear thinkers all, completely incapable of seeing past discontinuities. So they have the power to remake the world, but not to grasp their own inability to predict the consequences.