Tuesday, February 23, 2016

End of the Twitter Era

Twitter is a privately held corporation.  It can ban or shadow ban anybody it likes. It's not like we asked them to bake a gay wedding cake. -- Iowahawk

As a CEO Jack Dorsey's only real talent is extracting money from the SJW venture capital firms that dot Silicon Valley.  He is good at that.

Back in January when four key executives quit, one of the first things Dorsey promised was that the two of the replacements would "a woman and at least one person of color."  Why was that a priority?  Well if you want to Silicon Valley VC firms to hop on a train that is hurtling off a cliff you need to give them reason to do so that they will find compelling.

You have to remember Silicon Valley VC companies are funded by hippies that hit it big in the Valley during the first flush of mega money in the eighties and nineties.  A lot of this financial backing is virtue signaling on their part.

As Vox Day put it;

I could have built a search engine back when Yahoo was just getting started, but I could see why people would pay to play games. I couldn't see how one could make money simply by collecting free traffic, and in fact, one can't do so unless one can a) rely on an unending supply of free labor or b) find investors who are either 1) willing to lose it all in order to be ideologically supportive or 2) are only buying in long enough to flip the company to the public.

Guess what sort of people are happy to work for free, lose vast quantities of money to further their ideological goals, or work for predatory investment banks? Hint: they're not conservatives. 

However the gravy train is starting to run out of gravy.  Twitter has now begun the left spinning death spiral.  At this point unless someone takes the company fully private it will eventually crash and burn.  None of the people that have been brought on board can save it.

But what they can do is save themselves, their careers to be precise.

How do they do that Cataline?  You ask in wide eyed befuddlement.

Easy, mega-ultra-sooper virtue signalling.  Throw the wheel as hard to the left as you can and when the ship capsizes claim that Twitter only sank because you were too much of good lefty.  

If you fail because you were a bad businessman you are dead and buried in the Valley.

But fail because you were too devoted an SJW  and you are People's Hero of Social Justice Labor.  You will always be able to get another job under those circumstances.

Although I admit I was surprised  that Dorsey would go out of his way to ensure that Twitter sank.  Bringing in corporate shake down artist Anita Sarkeesian to captain the Twitter Committee on Public Safety was like putting Saudi Arabia in charge of the Human's Rights Commission (which the UN of course did).  This goes beyond merely trying to get money from Valley VC firms.  He is trying to make the destruction of Twitter the subject of leftwing martyrdom. 

Up until now twitter has been pretty good questionably good about free speech on it's feeds.  Those days are over.  Just about every right wing figure who isn't a presidential candidate is now under a shadow ban or just being banned out right.  Which is actually a pity.  The right was just figuring out how to use Twitter.

Now we are going to have to build one of our own.

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