Friday, January 22, 2016

What happened to TVs Most Famous Couples.

This would have worked better for  me if I actually watched TV.  As it was I didn't know who half these characters were.  

Still worth a read.

Like most of the public, Monica and Chandler dismissed initial rumors about The Syndrome as just that — rumors. In the early days, that was easy enough to do. Propped up by obscure conspiracy websites and less than reliable talk radio personalities, reports of the mysterious and terrifying so-called pandemic, first appearing in Northern Canada, seemed to be little more than isolated incidents connected only by fear-mongers and wild imaginations. It wasn’t until a series of unusual deaths in Washington State that the mainstream media began treating The Syndrome with the seriousness we now know it warranted. Per Monica’s urging, Chandler began stockpiling canned food and essentials in their basement — which they would then be forced to abandon in the evacuation. Their last known whereabouts were at a quarantine center near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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