Monday, January 25, 2016

Gutmensch: Another German Word We Need

 Gutmensch  is one of those German words that we need an a direct English analog for.  Like Backpfeifengesicht (A face in need of a fist)

Oh Fuck yes!
Backpfeifengesicht!  Backpfeifengesicht!!

A jury of linguists, journalists and authors in Darmstadt have selected a term each year since 1991 which is omniscient in the press and often ungainly or unwelcome.

"Gutmensch" was selected because, in connection with the current refugee crisis in Germany, it defames "tolerance and helpfulness as naïve, dumb and worldly innocent, as having a helper syndrome or as moral imperialism," the jury president, linguist Nina Janich, told the press.

The jury chose from 1,644 submissions - significantly more than in 2014 (1,246) and 2013 (1,340). "Hausaufgaben" (homework) in the context of the Greek finance crisis, and "verschwulung" (roughly, to make gay) were among the 2015 entries.

Actually they have another one we really need as well.

Last year's non-word of the year was "Lügenpresse," or "liar press." The expression was popular at the time among supporters of the German anti-Islamization movement "Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West," or PEGIDA. PEGIDA used the term in its weekly rallies that started in October 2014, asserting that the mainstream media were liars and biased in their reporting about PEGIDA and issues that concern the movement.

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