Wednesday, September 13, 2017

An Actor is Pissed About An Oscar Snub...And It's Not Leo?!?!?!?

UPDATE (9/15/17) 

The SJWs are in point and shriek mode (shocking, I know) over this year's Oscars slate.

Apparently the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is racist because they didn't give comedic action star Will Smith an Oscar nomination for a middle of the road dramatic performance in a bio-pic.

It's sad.  I get it.  But it is what it is. Will should just accept the harsh reality of his station in life.  He has been in Hollywood long enough to know that that is just the way it is.  Some things will never change.  You need to lower your expectations.  

What you get an Oscar for, is making a Gay Bio-pic.  Preferably of a left wing hero.  I mean Will was doing a sports bio-pic.  What the fuck was he thinking?   

However this multimillionaire must have been stomping his little feet around the mega-mansion quite a bit over this because his wife is busting her clam-muncher over the injustice of  her super rich husband not getting a little gold-plated statue. And going on about how racist the Academy is for not giving any black people an Oscar nomination, in a year when she actually cared about that.  

Two years after Twelve Years a Slave swept the Oscars.  

This is from Roger Simon:

I cry foul that my fellow Academy members were being the slightest bit racist in largely neglecting this year's Straight Outta Comptonand Concussion, the film about the perils of the NFL. In the past, it's been my observation that we white geezers that dominate the Academy have been more than willing -- excited, in fact -- to reward films starring or directed by African-Americans, way back to the nomination for Sidney Poitier in The Defiant Ones (1958) and his Oscar for Lilies of the Field (1963). That's over fifty years ago! Have things changed since then? I sincerely doubt it. Just two years ago, 12 Years a Slavedeservedly cleaned up at the Academy Awards with three Oscars, including Best Picture, and a host of nominations.

Sure, the percentage of OTWGs (Other Than White Geezers) in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should go up, and no doubt it will, but enough already. What our society doesn't need an ounce more of these days is divisiveness. Special pleading by privileged multi-millionaires of whatever color is really tacky.

Oscar snobbery is hardly anything new.  Toy Story III was clearly the best picture of 2010 and Academy members (to include Simon) would have laughed in your face for suggesting it's nomination.

The Academy routinely makes crappy choices.  Citizen Kane got snubbed.  The year 2001 came out, Oliver! won for best picture. Al Pacino (who actually is a great actor) was repeatedly passed over and finally got an apology Oscar for Scent of A Woman, in a year when Clint Eastwood should have obviously won for Unforgiven.  Which brings me to my next point.

The real outrage here is that Leonardo DiCaprio is finally going to win this year.  Let's be clear about this, I would much rather see Will win, than Leo.

DiCaprio is a smirking little shit of a former child actor who gets by on his good looks and the fact that Jack Dawson left the theater seats of fifteen year old girls across the globe...wet.  He is still coasting on that.  His only acting talent is screaming.  His performances have no believable depth.  They never had and never will. Yet he is easily the biggest Oscar hound in Hollywood.   He has been chasing that little gold statue for years.  Studio's build their sales pitches to him on the basis of that.  Martin  Scorsese has ruined many of his own films casting this pretentious little turd.  All despite the fact that he will never deliver an Oscar worthy performance.    He is also a uber-SJW who jets to Davos on his own private plane, so he can bitch about climate change.  But this year his constant, incessant, unending bitching is finally going to payoff. Everybody knows it's in the bag.

In conclusion: Shut up Will!  You're starting to look like Leo.


doug whiddon said...

I always hated Leo when he was younger, but lately I've thought he was becoming a pretty good actor. If anything his performance in "The Aviator" was Oscar worthy.

Cataline Sergius said...

@doug whiddon

I have to disagree. Leo is a workman like actor but aside from screaming he always comes across as an actor pretending really hard. It's the reason he never wins an Oscar. Everyone in Hollywood who doesn't have the wool pulled over their eyes can see the guy is no Tom Hardy.

View this one from Aviator from a critical standpoint. Look for the flaws because once you scratch the surface you will find nothing but camera tricks and careful that were making him look good.

I'm telling you the guy is ham.

doug whiddon said...

Isn't "pretending really hard" what acting is? As for Tom Hardy, Have you seen Legend? Excellent double performance. Oscar worthy for sure.

Cataline Sergius said...

Ultimately the problem with Leo is that is too much of a narcissist. He is simply can not let go of Leonardo and actually inhabit a role.

He just can't do it.

Every role he plays is always going to be Leonardo wearing the character rather than being the character.

Which is all right for an actor, so long as you are aware of your limitations in that regard. Which Leo clearly isn't.

Also there is still that whole smirking little shit thing. I ain't getting past that.