Monday, December 7, 2015

The Nation Magazine Goes Full...Well Lets Be Frank They've Been There For Quite a While.

America's oldest Commie Rag wallows in it's senility. 

Many in the media say it suggests a level of planning typical of terrorists. But, in fact, millions of Americans have that kind of “arsenal” at home. The AR-15 is the most popular gun in America—around 8 million have been sold. Two thousand five hundred rounds of ammo for the AR-15 seems horrifying to an anti-gun, middle-class liberal like me—that’s enough bullets to kill 2,500 people!—but, in fact, ammo is sold in 1,000-round boxes, and it’s not unusual for gun owners to buy several boxes when the price is low.

I asked Marc Cooper about it—he’s an award-winning journalist and a friend who’s also a gun person. Two thousand five hundred rounds? “Believe it or not, these are modest amounts of ammo,” he told me. “A gun hobbyist, a target shooter, can easily go through 500 rounds in one two-hour visit to the range. The amount found in this guy’s apartment in no way by itself indicates anything strange.”

Another friend said, “It’s like buying 48 rolls of toilet paper when you go to Costco.”

If possessing two AR-15s and 2,500 rounds of ammo makes you a terror suspect, then we need to investigate several million Americans, most of whom are older white men—and Republicans.

Brilliant stuff.

Now, oh Gun Wizard please tell me.  How many gun owners have a shitload of pipe bombs too?


Davy Jones said...

Please read the article they published a short while ago about "the five most dangerous guns in America." But then, I don't have to tell you who you're dealing with. They probably thought the guns were dangerous because they belonged to fraternities.

Davy Jones said...

Cataline Sergius said...

I have to agree it is a classic.

How did anyone make a most dangerous guns list and not include Kal-tech?

However the article is so stupid there is a very good possibility that it is Hate Bait. They are trying to drive clicks with something so stupid the entire pro-2nd amendment side points and says look how retarded they are?

Thus driving up their advertiser count at our expense. Admittedly this one also bears the hallmarks of deadassed cut and paste laziness. So ultimately I'm not sure which one it really is.