Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Entire Red Pill Expieriance in Three Minutes

Mitchell and Webb  Run you through the entire Red Pill experience in slightly over three minutes.

Clip begins

His status as a Beta Orbiter is instantly established.

The love of his life is apparently a hair dresser, if she is doing anything even that productive with her life.

His coach arrives.  Possibly his love for the...waitress maybe...has driven him mad and he is hallucinating. That would explain everything much more easily than a time traveling semi-fictional character.

Regardless, his coaches initial advice might seem beta but I assure it is not.  It is entirely about establishing frame and thinking through the sale.

Contact is re-initiated.  Much more challenging approach from.

Blonde responds with the first of many shit-tests.  "A play?  Are you queer or something?"

Coach Cyrano keeps our boy focused.

Cataline, does not agree with coach Cyrano on the change of venue.  Yes it's more appropriate for her tastes and will leave her much more at ease then taking her to a play would.  However, when you spend that kind of money it is in fact Anti-Game.  Girls who feel obligated to you for an expensive night out are much less likely to be relaxed enough to begin building sexual tension.  Unless of course she has decided from the outset that she is going to screw you before the night is out.  In which case why spend that kind of money on her?

Pre-selection and jealousy are both introduced to our budding player benefit.

Last minute hesitation from the hero of our story.  Why?  Because he has taken the Red Pill.  In winning he has lost.  He now has an abundance mindset and has therefore recognized that the love of his life is in fact...a skank.

Again his coach keeps him focused on immediate rewards.

Final note.  I wouldn't bother with the Booger-Sugar myself.  Again, way more pricey than she is worth.  And he was getting laid anyway at that point.


Jew613 said...

The video in the link won't play. Do you have a direct YouTube link?

Cataline Sergius said...

Sorry dude.

That one seems to be unavailable on youtube. Don't ask me why.

My only suggestion is try running it on another browser.