Saturday, December 12, 2015

No, Monarchy Is Not Quite Dead. In Fact It's Feeling Rather Lively.

In fact it wants to go for a walk.

John C. Wright was recently surprised by the reactions to a comment he'd made.

I made a comment, which frankly I thought to be unexceptional, almost routine, that I would rather die than doff my cap to a king, since I am a Virginian.

To my infinite surprise, several readers wrote in expressing puzzlement, asking for clarification, wondering if I meant this as a general rule, or only for myself. Would I actually endanger my family by defying the sovereign person had I lived in the Middle Ages? Other readers said monarchy was a respectable form of government, or asked about living under King Arthur of Camelot or King Elessar Telcontar of Gondor, who were good kings, and so on.

I am happy to find so many monarchists here on my website: I would have thought that school of political philosophy deader than the Dodo bird.

Sadly it seems to be making a roaring comeback.

There is an ongoing crisis of legitimacy for the state (as defined by the treaty of Westphalia).  Three hundred sixtyfive years isn't a bad run.  But it appears to be coming to an end.  People across the planet are withdrawing their loyalty from the state and reinvesting it regions, religions and tribes.  Naturally they are going to start looking for a more nontraditional form of government. 

There is an actual and effective governing Caliph in what was once Iraq.

Vladimir Putin is openly ornamenting himself in Romanov regalia   

The American left and the poodle press cheered as Obama trampled the constitution under his thoroughly upper middle class Kenneth Coles.  

Following his example.  The two top contenders for the Presidency are both proudly declaiming that they will rule by executive dictate.  Seizing this and banning that.  All without all that tiresome constitution business getting in the way.

Historically democracy has always been a temporary thing.

We already have a would be set of aristocrats avidly looking after each other's interests no matter which party they belong to.  And don't fool yourself both Hillary and Trump belong to it.   Everyone seems to be looking for a Man on Horseback, no matter what the horse looks like.

No getting around it.  The current crisis in the legitimacy of the state makes Monarchy is the wave of the future.

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