Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mark Steyn Proves Vox Day Wrong; Magic Dirt Does Work

The Alt Right's highly predicted civil war begins! From the pen of Mark Steyn

I've disagreed with David Frum on many things in recent years, but this piece on immigration is great because it's packed with facts:

Minnesota is home to America's largest Somali community, 33,000 people. The unemployment rate for Somali Minnesotans in 2015 wastriple the state average, 21 percent.As of 2014, about 5,950 of the state's Somali population received cash assistance; 17,000 receive food assistance as of 2014.

A close study of Somali refugees by the government of Maine (home to the nation's second-largest Somali community) found that fewer than half of the working-age population had worked at any time in the five years from 2001 through 2006.

The U.S. unemployment rate of 20+ percent still represents a huge improvement over rates in Europe. Only about 40 percent of working-age Somali men in Norwayare employed. In the Swedish city of Malmo, home to one of the largest Somali communities in Europe, only 20 percent work.

Yeah, I kinda noticed that back in Malmö in September. Swedes are industrious people: During the day there aren't a lot of them to be seen in the city's residential neighborhoods, and in the downtown they're perambulating purposefully. Until you get to RosengÄrd, where on every corner bearded, working-age men are just hanging out, with all the time in the world.

Hence Trump. Stop Muslim immigration? According to Paul Ryan, "That's not who we are." But increasing numbers of western citizens are less worried about "who we are" than who we will be if this keeps up.

So there you are. Magic Dirt does work. A mere 40% unemployment in the Erection to Resurrection Welfare State of Sweden.

Honestly from my own experiences in Somalia in the 1990s. This was way better than I was expecting.

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