Thursday, December 3, 2015

I've Never Seen the Bloody Shirt Waived This Fast

The Left wing is so fundamentally incapable of self awareness at this point they couldn't even see how ghoulish they looked as feasted on the dead of a MUSLIM TERRORIST ATTACK yesterday.

I've never seen the carrion eaters move this fast in my life.  The shooters hadn't even been caught and our President, King Unicorn von Choom-Wagon II was already spouting off at the suck-hole over the need for strict national gun control.  Hillary and the rest of the would be heir's to the von Choom-Wagon throne were quick to join him.

And interestingly they didn't send thoughts and prayers.  Not that they ever really did such thing anyway. Prayers being alien to the followers of Mammon.  And Thought is unknown among Democrats.  But they used to say they did.  This time the specifically did not.

But the press jumped in and followed their lead.  In fact they were so fast about it I wondered at first if this was a Journolist 2.0 setup that was planned and ready to go when the next mass shooting started.  BTW they are still calling this a Mass Shooting although they are now desperately trying out new memes as fast they can generate them.  My favorite is Work Place Hybrid Violence.

Perhaps but I think most likely not.  The hivemind is not an intelligent one but it is remarkably agile and quite responsive to dog whistles.

It was an act of complete unconscious callousness  on the hivemind's part.   This came up so fast it has to have been planned in advance.

Behold the evolution of an evolving narrative:

When the GOP candidates can only offer prayer and thoughts Democrats have a plan for ACTION.

Now the action they propose.  Reinstating the Clinton years Assault Weapons Ban. Would have done nothing to prevent Mohammed Gamma-Boy and the domineering mail order bride who radicalized him from getting weapons.  Anymore than France, which is completely Gun-controlled was able stop their ISIS cell from acquiring their AKs.

Pointless of course.  California did reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban after Sandy Hook.  Look at the good it did them.

Their reply to that of course is, "F#$k you NRA.  You are responsible for all mass shootings in this country.  Because you block confiscatory gun control!"

Since pretty much all of these mass shooters are loyal Democrats, I doubt if there are that many NRA members among them.

Good question. Has there ever been an NRA member who is a mass shooter?

The answer I believe is, no.

Reminder: The FBI said last month they still didn't know what motivated Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez to kill 4 Marines and a sailor in TN.

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