Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Feminism Is a Death Cult: A View From the Inside

“Please, women who are desperate to abort, think carefully about it. I was very sorry I did it. I don’t want the same for you,” she added.
This cry from the heart comes to you from Giromin. A very, very damaged girl once held through the throat by Feminism.

“For the feminist sect women are not the inspiration, they are prime matter in the worst sense of the term. They are convenient objects useful for the purpose of inflaming hatred against the Christian religion, hatred against men, hatred against the beauty of women, hatred against the equilibrium of families. That’s what feminism is, and I can guarantee it is like that because I was on the inside!”

Well we all knew that. But it is tragic to see the remains of a girl that was dragged out of that acid pit.
Feminism. Is. Anti-Women.
If an attractive woman takes an interest in feminism, the first thing that is required of her is to ritually disfigure herself with tattoos and piercings in order to gain acceptance in that tribe.  She can take as much time as she needs to get fat from that point on.

Seriously.  Name one woman who was already attractive  that became more attractive AFTER she became feminist.

“I saw the feminist movement cover up for PEDOPHILES,” writes Giromin. “I saw the feminist movement PERSECUTE WOMEN ... I am a witness to the fact that today in the feminist movement women are not of any importance but serve as fuel for the fires of hatred that the feminist sect cannot allow to die.”
Once again the TrueFen of the Science Fiction community prove themselves to be on the cutting edge.  Worldcon is a legendary pit for child exploitation.

If you are ever at "an event," for the sake of your children remember.  There is a reason you don't feel comfortable when a stranger who insists, "it's all one big family," offers to look after your kid while you go off to a panel.

Do. Not. Take. The. Offer.

 Giromin says that she felt pressured by the feminist movement to declare herself “bisexual” so that she could receive maximum respect. “Lesbian and bisexual women have much more voice and respect within the movement, so in the search for recognition of my struggle, with each day that passed, I deconstructed my heterosexuality and was substituting it with an artificial bisexuality.” Upon leaving feminism, Giromin ceased to regard herself as a “bisexual” and has also rejected gender ideology, a sine qua non of social acceptance in the feminist movement.

LBGTASDFQWERTY are of course the leaders of this movement.  Why?  Simple it's all about perverting sex itself in its most literal term of reference.   Sex is supposed to be about life.  Feminism is sex that is all about death.  Sex needs to be made as fundamentally pointless if you are in the death cult.  Sex is meant to be as degrading and joyless as possible.  That is a feature, not a bug.

This stuff isn't new.   Sex has been viewed this way before. At the height of the nihilism movement at the turn of the last century.  It wasn't that hard to find plays where the heroine female protagonist committed every perversion known to man before killing herself.  It was all about sex as the destroyer.

But it has never been accepted and promoted on this scale before.  

Andrea Dworkin should have been relegated to the shit  heap of history as a tragically insane, scabrous old whore...sorry Sex Worker.  Instead she is upheld as a prophet of Third Wave Feminism.  Because I suppose, she is.  She was everything that the modern feminist aspires to be.  An insane lesbian who worked as a prostitute and claims that she was exploited by her customers despite an obvious desire by any cisgendernormative male to avoid doing that like the fucking plague.  Her last rape was in 2000 when she looked like this.

Trigger Warning!
Meant to do that earlier.  
Again, sorry!

Her 2000 announcement that she had recently been drugged and raped by a room service waiter while unconscious in her Paris hotel room was not greeted with much credence or sympathy even by other feminists. We’re supposed to never question the victim but Dworkin had played her hand a few too many times, and in the wake of Feminism, Inc.’s defense of Bill Clinton, feminists were tired of her.

She was also married to a gay man so she had that going for her too.

Everything that is wrong with feminism today was being lived by a woman who was considered irrelevant and insane merely fifteen years ago.

I willingly believe that the damned are in one sense successful rebels to the end; that the doors of Hell are locked from the inside.   

While she will be scarred for the rest of her life, Giromin has at least found the bolt and slid the gate open.  Forgiveness is for anyone.

Yes, even former Feminists.

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