Friday, December 4, 2015

Cataline Disagrees With Larry Corriea

Larry Correia had a long and well worth the read post about the latest gun grab.  You can tell that because server is being slammed or possibly it's under a DOS attack.  Either one tells you it's well worth the read.  And I fully intend to post a link to it when that becomes possible.

UPDATE:  Link Provided.

In the mean time I had one real objection with what Mister Correia wrote:

"The majority of people who fall for the siren song of gun control mean well. They really do want to see an end to violent crime. "

You are giving them too much credit.

Honestly Larry,  given that they routinely and publicly declare their desire to see gun owners subjected to the horrors of Dante' Eight Circle, Ninth Bolgia.  I just don't think they care about gun violence in the least.

I am certain what this really is, is a desire to banish the enemy tribe  by destroying  the banners and symbols of the that tribe.



But that won't stop them from trying it.  In truth, it seems to be part of human nature.  The English banned Irish Dancing  and the speaking of Gaelic in Ireland.  In Scotland they banned bagpipes (completely understandable) and kilts (which they introduced in the first place.)  Lot of other examples you can find across the world and across time.

They all have one thing in common.

Epic Failure.  Those things all became cult objects, to their respective cultures.

Interestingly the gun control mob has done the same thing to us.

The Glock was just a cheap Volvo of a gun in the 1980s.  Then the left went off it's nut trying to ban it because metal detectors couldn't possibly detect an "all plastic gun."  And suddenly gun owners everywhere had to have at least one as an act of defiance.

Now it's the AR-15 platform they are going after.  A cheap Ford F-150 of a rifle (*) you can build for yourself (not recommended)  for about $500 bucks.  Now everyone has to have one.  Even Mister Gabrielle Giffords  and we all know he's in favor of Gun Control.

* You take the bone stock model and pimp it out.
Behold the Magic Pimp Rifle

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