Monday, November 30, 2015

The Number Four Comes To Mind

Meet today's idol of beauty.

Amy Schumer.

She looks. (*sigh*) Well if given a choice between her and Lena Dunham...I'd still pick a monastic life of celibacy. But I will grant that Amy looks slightly better.

For some reason Pirelli Tires Annual Calender has gone full on fucking SJW in an effort to make up for all the nearly naked supermodels that used to grace their calendars.

Yeah, they've really sharpend up over at Pirelli.  Who want to look at a nearly nude Miranda Kerr when you can look the most beautiful woman in the world.

Which I guarantee is what the usual suspects are going to be calling this thirty four year old about to hit the wall like a freight train drunken haus frau.

Look if you are into wife swapping she probably would do it for you but honestly the thick thighs and rolls of belly fat just aren't for me.

UPDATE: Called it.  But not how I was expecting.  Amy Schumer demonstrating a certain pronounced insecurity I feel, has proclaimed herself to be beautiful.  Clearly not having a lot of faith in the usual suspects to deliver on their required praise of her...form.

The opposite of "truth" is "narrative." -- Iowahawk


CarpeOro said...

I saw the horrible news about Pirelli last night. Believe it or not this Amy may be the peak of the quality on the calendar. I have to disagree about one thing though. Due to weight issues, she is past the wall. Thirty pounds, ten years ago, and an attitude adjustment, she may have been worthwhile. Number one being unlikely, two impossible, and three not in the cards, we will never know.

Cataline Sergius said...

Peak of quality?

Are you telling me Yoko Ono doesn't do it for you?!?!?!?

Calvin Dodge said...


Cataline Sergius said...

You think you know better than Spellcheck?

SciVo said...

I have low enough standards that I would accept Amy Schumer as a slave for a nominal fee, on a par with getting a dog that is licensed, chipped and has all her shots. However, I would get violent if someone tried to force Lena Dunham on me. My standards might be low, but they exist.