Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Former Mayor of San Francisco Cares Deeply About NRA Members

. @NRA has changed for the worse in the past 20 yrs because they've gone from repping their members 2 serving as lobbyists for gun industry
— Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) November 19, 2015

Gavin...Can I call you Gavin?

Oh...Okay, then we'll go with Bitch.

Look Bitch, harsh reality time.  I realize that years of living in San Francisco has so hopelessly damaged your intellect that you are tragically and completely lost when it comes to dealing with the cold cruel world as it really is.

But alas I must intrude upon your Safe Space to inform you of something terrifying.

NRA members aren't as stupid as SJWs.  

Honestly Bitch, the Goebbels Big Lie won't work on us.  You can lie to us all day and we simply aren't going to believe you.  Painful to hear, I know.

You should probably stick with trying to move Islamic Salafists into whatever Sanctuary City you are going to set up for them.  Try Saint Denis as a model, it worked brilliantly for the French.

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