Sunday, November 22, 2015

Talking Points for Dipsh!ts

The new talking point for Dipshits is that the NRA is in favor of letting terrorists buy assault rifles legally in the US.

When you scrape the bullshit away, what they are actually proposing is their usual underhanded, sinister but standard for them Orwellian power grab.

They want to ban anyone on the terrorist watch list from being able to buy a gun.

That's just totally sensible right?

Remind me. Who decides who goes on the watch list?  That's right kiddies, our completely unsupervised executive branch.

Second question.  So what is the criteria that they use to decide who goes on the watch list?

Answer: Whatever they like.

And what do they worry about the most?  Islamic terrorism?  Hell no, that doesn't even exist.  Just ask a Democrat and they will  tell you at length that Islam is not the problem and that we should respect the wisdom of W. on this matter.

Apparently yes.
I'll bet he's as surprised as they are.

No the greatest threat to America is right wing extremism.  Starting no doubt with the entire membership of the NRA.

Give the Democrats this club and they will use it without a second thought.

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