Wednesday, November 11, 2015

SJWs Always Lie: Never Apologize

Gavin McInnes indeed and truly gets it. He was driven from a business he started for the horrific crime of recognizing biological reality. Biological reality being one of the most fundamental enemies of all feminist kind.

Another business he founded doesn't look like he ever had anything to do with it. Libertarian Media Always Gets Infiltrated by SJWs.

However he had the good sense to never apoligize for any of it.

This is true to a fault. Mattress girl was not raped. Vanessa Grigoriadis, who wrote the cover story on her for New York mag, screwed up. However, neither of them apologized or admitted any wrongdoing, so they both got away with murder, well, rape, well, fake rape. Sabrina Erdely and Rolling Stone apologized for their fake rape story and were permanently humiliated for it. When Rachel Dolezal was caught pretending to be black, she cowered and everyone laughed. Shaun King screamed that “it’s MY STORY” when he was caught and everyone went, “Oh shit, this is his story. We better back off.” Today Rachel works as a hairstylist and Shaun has a regular column in the Daily News.

Okay, I admit it.  The fact that never apologizing also works for SJWs is a major downside.  But the major thrust of the article is that there is indeed life after an SJW purge.  As often as not, it's better than the one that was stolen from you.

And good news you will now be living a life that is Anti-fragile.

Read the whole thing.

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