Friday, November 27, 2015

No Pretty Girls Don't Like Star Wars: Adjust Your Life Accordingly

It's no secret that Star Wars wrecked science fiction.

Even George Lucas knows it.  In the first movie you can find the dying embers of actual hard science, science fiction if you sift the ashes long enough.  He used words like "parsecs" and "hyperspace" The H word was extremely uncommon in movies up until that point.

These coals of intellect were long dead by Empire. 

Lucas's completely unwanted prequel Episode (*head desk*) One, even shows a flickering of contrition on his part when he introduced the ridiculous midichlorians.   They were completely out of place by then but he obviously felt a need to redress his wrong doings.

Too little.  Too late.

Before 1977, any science fiction film had to send a few felicitous nods towards actual science.  The pinnacle of this was 2001 (the movie, clearly and obviously not the year).

By 1980 that was completely over and done with.

Release date 1979

By then science fiction was for stupid people too.  Before then it most certainly wasn't.  You needed a BS in Calculus before you could even get into Larry Niven's Neutron Star.

You see that is how Star Wars indeed and truly wrecked Science Fiction.  It made science fiction approachable by people with double digit IQs and sadly, they stuck around.

These weren't nerds.  Nerds are smart.  These were geeks.

When Kat Timpf tweeted “I wasn’t  familiar with Star Wars because I’ve been too busy liking cool things and being attractive.”

They decided to prove it.

Do not watch this
He is just as dumb as he looks.

Choice tweets from Star Wars fans.
Maybe a SW nerd needs to sneak into her dark room, dressed like her bf, rape her, but she doesn’t know it’s rape because she thinks it’s her BF. needmypunk 16 hours ago 

I hope she gets acid thrown in her pretty little face. sdgaara2 1 day ago Wouldn’t it be great if she was beaten to death with “space nerd sticks” Guardian978 22 hours ago 

I want to cut that blonde c***’s face off and stick it to a thermal detonator. What a network full of c***s. dethklok21 1 day ago 

Wow what a f***ing thunder c***. I hope this b**** gets hit by a f***ing car. Mikki Yeong 1 day ago 

those death treaths are approved by me look at that b**** it’s a typical i wear big glasses to look smart but in fact i’m stupid as f*** btwthose glasses used to be only weared by nerds stupid h** TheValefor1984 1 day ago 

We should get her address then bury her a** in Star Wars memorabilia lol TheGreenStreak452 1 day ago 

Look padawans. Tens, do not like Star Wars. 

They just can't. They don't have horrible lives that they have to escape from, so it just has no appeal for them. They drift through the early years of their lives in a fantasy world where pretty much everyone is nice to them simply because they are beautiful.   They never develop real world people skills.  They never develop intriguing personalities.  They never create in depth opinions.  And they never like Star Wars.

Don't...For fuck's sake, don't believe for a second that there are any hot chicks that genuinely do.  In their prime Morgan Webb and Felecia Day were sevens that we just gave a pass to. 

Padawan(whining): But Cataline what know.  Her!  The one that used to be on Attack of the Show.

Cataline (sighing and looking at the ceiling): Olivia Munn?

Padawan:  Yeah!  Yeah! Her!  She is...was hot and she liked Star Wars.

Cataline:  She was being paid to like Star Wars.  You will notice she stopped liking it the second she left G4.

No, there are no Tens that are into Star Wars.  Just deal with it sad Hipster Comic Book guy.

The tragic part is Tens are comparatively easy to approach. Sevens and Eights get approached more often, so they develop thicker boundary layers. Tens live in a world where everyone except another pretty girl is nice to them.  They have, as I said, lived their whole lives in a happiness bubble.   Unless they are in a relationship a lot them are pretty lonely.

And no that doesn't mean the door is open to you.  You should know better.  

Cold comfort Tens are just as dull and unimaginative in bed as they are in every other aspect of their lives. 

Final Note for the Red Pill Science Fiction fan.  Keep your hobbies separate from your sex life.  It's okay if she knows that they are in the back ground. But never and I mean never talk to her about them.  She is no more interested in the horrors that J.J. Abrams has inflicted on the Star Wars Expanded Universe, than she is in Ohio's chances for a championship game now that they lost to MSU.

That being the big take away for you. Tens don't like football either but they still go out with guys who can talk about nothing else.

Now why is that?

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