Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How To Get Out of The Friend Zone: Part I

This is the big reason so many of you are thinking about the Red Pill.  That we who have discovered the magic powers of actually speaking to girls know some form of wizardry that will convert you from her friend into her lover.

That we can make her see the big truth about you.  Your inner nobility.  Your strength of character.  Your desire to be her one and only.  And how you will be devoted to her for the rest of your life.

The good news is if you follow my advice you will be able to significantly better your chances with the girl who has friend-zoned you. I don't guarantee it, at best you will be playing with loaded dice.

Know your enemy and know yourself and you will not be defeated in a hundred battles. -- Sun Tzu

First and foremost. Self assessment. Accurate...Painfully accurate self assessment. Read Vox Day's Socio-Sexual Hierarchy. Then figure out where you fall on it.

I'll wait right here.

Ouch, that hurt..I get it. And yeah that is the guy she sees when she looks at you. Good news, you can raise yourself at least one level.* 

Better news, short of serious genetic flaws it is possible to get all the way to top of that pyramid. See Mike Cernovich's the Gorilla Mindset

Next, has she formally friendzoned you?

If she simply doesn't know you exist.  You are not properly in the friendzone.  If she doesn't know you exist.  That's good news.  You still haven't made a first impression.

If she just catches you staring at her all the time, you aren't properly in the friendzone but you are in the creepyzone.  That one frankly is way worse than the friendzone.  Please note, I never promised to get you out of the creepyzone.

First  piece of Cataline's Golden Wisdom.  If you are explicitly offered the friendzone.  Explicitly refuse it.  Tell her, while projecting  calm assertive dominant energy, that you are not her friend.  That she has something you want.  

This will not work if you are already in the friendzone.

Next, have you confessed your love to her?  If the answer is, yes.   God help you.  Never confess your love to a girl who isn't interested in you.  In the words of Heartiste, it is an extinction level event, comparable to, "having a three hundred fifty pound girl that you are just friends with, suddenly jump on top of you and jam her tongue down your throat."  Yes, it's that bad.

If she friendzoned you after that.  There might be something to work with here.  She found you acceptable as an orbiter.  You are a source of validation to her.  Don't' mistake that for someday interest.  It's not.  She just wants you to stay in orbit.

Female game is ultimately a receptive game.  A woman has to attract a man's attention in order to reproduce. This drive is genes deep. This is a genuine need on her part.  Not a desire...a need.  Treat it as such.

Begin the process by breaking orbit and letting her know you've done it.  After all you're friends right?  Friends talk about stuff.

Loss of validation combined with your rising status on the hierarchy will raise her interest in you.

Now it's time for the important part.

Ignore her completely.  Concentrate your new girlfriends.

Yes, I know, I know.  You are in love with her and only her.  It feels like you are being unfaithful, you aren't interested in other girls  (*Cataline shakes his head in disbelief here*)  But you have to learn how to actually talk to girls, in general before you can talk to The One specifically.  You don't have to commit yourself to just one while you are learning.  In fact it's a very good idea if you don't.

There is a major potential downside here.  Once you learn to talk to girls you will discover that the girl that put you in the friendzone is no longer on the pedestal upon which you placed her.  Tragic but true, you may lose all interest in her completely once you start to view her as an actual human being.

Next: How To Get Out of The Friend Zone: Part II

* Note: you are not a Sigma Male. Vox invented that category for himself.

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