Thursday, November 26, 2015

From the Queen of the Eloi's Gift Guide.

If there is  a more tragically helpless Eloi than Gweneth Paltrow I can't possibly think of Xyr.

However even the Queen of the Eloi appear's to see some troubling dark clouds on the horizon.

This is out of goop's (*head desk... head desk... head desk*) Ridiculous (and Awesome) Gift Guide.

On top of the usual assortment of such useful things as $956 shit paper (*not joking*) and a $1,500 antique Ball and Chain. (*autographed by Chris Martin?*)

Is something,,,Just a tick more practical?

Just One Eye:  Ulysses Tier 1 Standard Survival Kit

The Ulysses Tier 1 Standard Survival Kit has been designed with a up to a week’s worth of usage in mind for two people. In addition to a generous supply of food and water products, this kit houses the necessary tools designed for and to meet the needs of people in a disaster situation or time of emergency such as night vision goggles and a satellite phone. This kit contains over 50 unique products in the kit that cover all the requirements of hydration, nutrition, shelter, navigation, breaching and tools, communication, illumination, medical and hygiene, and pet safety. 

All this for a mere $12,500.  Most of the "unique products" are designer Cliff Bars.  So no.  Don't bother. You can get pretty much all of this stuff for little more than a tenth of what goop  (*head desk... head desk... head desk*) wants for it.

I do however find it intriguing that even someone who is as absolutely cocooned in the NYC rich people safe space as Gweneth Paltrow can hear the distant echos of the approaching thunder.

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