Friday, November 20, 2015

EDC Levels

Cataline: Today's subject is Every Day Carry.

Dear Reader: Oh, dear Glob! Don't bore me to death with that shit, Cataline.  It doesn't matter how much crap you carry on your belt. You aint fucking Batman!

Cataline: Now, now Dear Reader.  It isn't like that...
...In any serious way.  We shall be discussing a somewhat different approach to EDC.

Also I'm cooler than Batman...he doesn't carry a gun.

This is way easier.

Look the truth is, you are lazy as hell.  Just accept it and move on with your life.  There is no way you are going to carry around all the dream junk that Fantasy-You does on a daily basis.

Besides people would talk.

So divide up your daily dose of paranoid.  Prioritize things.

Level 1.  What you can realistically carry on your person.

Level 2. What you can carry in a shoulder bag.

Level 3. Backpack or sling carry.

Level 4. Vehicular carry.

First rule. Pounds equal pain. Your personal load is going to be your lightest. The simple truth is you don't have ten minutes to gear up before leaving the house. It's also uncomfortable as all hell if you do. You just aren't going to maintain that kind of discipline.  So prioritize.

Pri. 1 Personal firearm.  Compact. Something in the Glock 19 footprint. Only go smaller if "discreet carry" is a necessity in your case.  Subcompacts are inherently inaccurate and under powered.

Pri. 2 Smartphone.  If you don't have one, get one.  It's time to join the 21st century and those things can save you life.

Pri 3.  Keys and wallet.  Obvious reasons.

Pri 4. Pen flashlight

Full size is better but inconvenient
and this level is all about convenience.

Pri 5. Small multi-tool.

Pictured; a totes adorbs small multi-tool

Pri 6. Backup weapon.  Two is one and one is none.  And this one is up to you.  The odds of you being attacked are low enough as it is.  The odds that you will be attacked, have your (for the sake of argument) Glock 19 break, realize it's broken and no amount of tap-rack-bang is going to fix it, then draw your (for the sake of argument) Glock 26 out of whatever personal crevice it's situated in and bring it into action in time to save your life.  Are about as good as being eaten by bears.

That does happen about once or twice a year, so your call there.

However, if your gun arm has been immobilized, a better choice would be a fighting knife.

This a wharncliffe blade
At a blade length of 3inches, it's legal in about every state
Check for your own state laws  

  The Wharncliffe is useful for utility purposes but it is also an exceptional fighting knife.

However you have remember you are trading off lethality in favor of an immediately disabling wound.  There is no instant kill with this knife unless you are flat out murdering someone from behind.  Just as a reminder; murder is illegal, Besides stabbing is less effective than movies make out.  This was designed with cutting tendons in mind.  It doesn't matter how many drugs or how hyper- hyper-adrenalized your assailant is,  he can't fight without tendons.

Level 2.  Pounds equal pain is still in play.

...When I was a young Cataline, I lived a very green life style.  I eat minimally, relied on my bike or public transport to get around. Other than that I walked. This is called poverty and it is a common affliction amongst Millennials.(hattip Belmont Club) For once it works for you.  Your Get-Home-Bag can go with you pretty much anywhere and no one will question it. Welcome to the age of the Man-Purse.   Also you are in pretty good shape from walking and biking everywhere.

Level 2 EDC is not meant to replace level one EDC.  It is meant to layer upon it.

Yes this is what I use
And no, I didn't get a check
So, I'm not giving you the brand-name.

Pri 1.  Full size pistol (Glock 17 footprint) and three magazines. This second pistol is not the same as a back up gun.  That is your street fight gun.  This is your fight-your-way-back-to-whereever-you-left-your-rifle, gun.   More accurate and with a longer barrel more powerful.  However at one second it will be a slow draw.  Yes one second is a really long time when the SHTF.

Pri. 2. Water.  Yeah it's heavy.  I know.  You will also die without it faster than anything else.

Pri. 3.  Tools.  Your choice there.  A minimum of a full size leatherman, a credit card wrench and pocket screwdriver is my personal recommendation.

Pri 4. Flashlight.  Minimum of 1050 lumiens. You don't need a Surefire.  A Thru-nite TN12 will do and cost about $45.00. It also has a great strobe function.  Very disorienting.

Pri 5. Minor medical first aid kit.  Note I said First Aid kit, not AFAK.

Pri 6. Twenty feet of 550 cord and a small lighter.

Pri. 7. Pen and paper. Because reasons.

Pri 8. Whatever floats your boat.  Use your brain and plan ahead.  You know your tactical situation better than I do.

Level 3.  You are definitely into bug-out bag territory at this point.

Yes this is my personal preference
And again I didn't get paid.

Actually this one is a lot like Level 2 but you can carry more of everything.   Start with more water.  About 100oz. A CamelBak Omega bladder would be a great fit.   An actual AFAK at this level. And I would include some manner of wobbie. 

Because a man needs his woobie.

Level 4. Car Carry is going to be another post because I have to go get beer.

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