Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Alpha Man's Burden

High School age  Alphas in California are going to be worked to death by the girls.   Beta male training is now the state law in the DPRC.

“May I touch now?” “Is this OK?” or “How about now?” are certain to be included in the next textbooks.

California Sen. Kevin de Leon (D) said in a statement on his website the legislation he sponsored is all about teaching kids the importance of affirmative consent, healthy dating relationships and the harsh reality of “aggressive and violent sexual behavior.”

He also described the legislation as a first step in the effort to reduce the problem of sexual assault and date rape on college campuses.

“I firmly believe that by instilling in young minds the importance of affirmative consent, relationships built on love and respect, that we can reduce the sexual violence inflicted on young women,” said Sen. de León. “Lessons taught today will result in safer campuses and communities tomorrow.”

Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D), who co-authored Senate Bill 695 with de Leon, said the new course will help “establish boundaries of acceptable behavior, give students the skills they may need to navigate difficult situations, and prevent sexual assault before it occurs.”

Oh this is sad.  Teen age sex is tragic enough without state legislators telling you how to do it wrong. Of course this will all be incomprehensible gibberish to the natural Alphas. They simply won't have a workable frame of reference.  A few will swallow the Kool-Aid of course and become the worst White Knights you've ever seen in your life. 

However for the most part the upper fifteen percent are, once again, going to be the only ones invited to the feast.  The other 85% of high school age boys are going to be left to starve in sexual wasteland of post manhood California.

The end result of this ridiculous legislative intrusion is going to be an exaggerated harem pattern

“The idea that you do [sexual] things based off weird silent body language; it is normal to the 20 percent. But I think it’d be better to spend some time figuring out who were you were supposed to do something with before you discover the hard way that you’ve made a terrible mistake,” Lissack said.

“What I care about is that young people talk about what they’re doing. If we can get the kids to talk — that’s the victory.”

A Pyrrhic victory at best. Begging whining deeply regretted afterward sex, is now the law of land in California. Which means there is going to be an explosion of rape in California as a result of this.

Since the new definition of sexual assault after all is any kind of sex a girl regrets afterward.

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