Monday, October 5, 2015

College is Bad For You Part IV: Mass Shooters and College

There is a reason these shooting are happening at universities. Colleges these days have become an environment that actively and aggressively promotes mental illness.

...Burns defines catastrophizing as a kind of magnification that turns "commonplace negative events into nightmarish monsters." Leahy, Holland, and McGinn define it as believing "that what has happened or will happen" is "so awful and unbearable that you won’t be able to stand it." Requests for trigger warnings involve catastrophizing, but this way of thinking colors other areas of campus thought as well.

I'm not the only one saying this. How many of these spree shooters have been on serotonin uptake inhibitors since before puberty? Almost all of them

Their decision making process is fundamentally damaged.

Which can also be said for gun control advocates.

"We need to stop the gun show loop hole." Cranky Granny Cankles has decided that when she becomes president she can do this by executive fiat.

No criminal buys guns from a gun show. The only loop hole being closed is the one being used by law biding gun owners. That of course was only and ever the entire point of it.

They are simply lying about any other motive.

They will ALWAYS LIE about this.

They will ALWAYS DOUBLE DOWN on the lie.

I suppose you could ask why the hell is it so important for them to disarm law gun owners? You will get the answer wrong.  So here is the right one.

When the English outlawed bagpipes in Scotland and Irish Dancing in Ireland. They were trying to dismantle an enemy tribe by banning the symbols of that tribe. That is why the left is determined to outlaw guns. It's exceptionally stupid of them but then no one ever accused the hivemind of being smart.

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