Friday, September 11, 2015

Yeah Stunning Is the Right Word to Describe Her But...

Another man needs a copy of SJWs Always Lie.

Milo has drawn my attention to the imminent destruction of a man who paid a compliment to an SJW Amazonian Alpha

The poor chump in question rejoices in the name, Alexander Carter-Silk.  Who after seeing this picture of a Barrister with the (foreshadowing) name of Charlotte Proudman,...

This is my testicle crushing face
Do you like it?

 ... decided that this was the perfect opportunity to prove that he has absolutely no concept of Game whatsoever.

It may cost him everything.  From the article;

 "Mr Carter-Silk sent the controversial message with the subject "RE: PICTURE".

It said: "I appreciate that this is probably horrendously politically incorrect but that is a stunning picture!!!!

You definitely win the prize for the best Linked in picture I have even seen.

Always interest [sic] to understant [sic] people's skills and how we might work together."

Oh. Dear. Lord.

This is fucking awful in everyway available to it. I freely admit that there is no part of this that works. It is clearly an approach and it is nothing but timid.

No woman could possibly find this attractive.

On top of that he is making an approach (if you can call it that) on an Amazonian Alpha Female.

How do I know that she is an Amazonian? Because she is a lawyer and also for fuck's sake look at her picture!

First the hair isn't styled, it's cut.  Barber bowl, Beatles mop top cut. There are NO smile lines on her face. That half turn of the corners of lips are as close as she can come to smiling. I would say, she appears stunning as well although more along the lines of getting beaned from the pitcher's mound, stunning.  This is a woman who is trying to emulate her father

It's not just that one picture either. Believe it or not that one really is her best shot. Here is another.

Cold lifeless eyes? Check
Cankles concealing pants suite? Check

Here is the definitive description of the Amazon Alpha female from Clio's sadly defunct blog.

"This woman, along with the Eternal Ingenue, is the most likely of all femme fatale types to be perceived as an Iconic Woman. But whereas the Eternal Ingenue inspires dreams of perpetual love and happiness, the Amazonian Alpha inspires, in those who fall in love with her, dreams of glory, of being raised above all the ordinary people who mill around on the face of the earth. She is the Maverick Alpha’s natural mate although she may choose a more ordinary Classic Alpha. Often she is unable to find a man she considers worthy of her, and may remain single.

The Amazonian Alpha is usually very intelligent and generally beautiful or at least physically impressive, being statuesque of build, like Maud Gonne, the Irish nationalist who made Yeats miserable, and often athletic as well.

In social life, she can be often recognised as the lone woman talking with a large group of men, men who laugh at her jokes and who may anxiously ask her opinion about public affairs and actually listen to what she says about them. Random men seldom try to ogle or touch her, because however beautiful she may be she has a steely eye or haughty deportment that does not bode well for men who behave disrespectfully to her. Her great virtue is strength of character: she will not readily back down and is usually possessed of physical and moral courage. Her great weakness is pride, which may lead her to serious errors in judgment.

The Alpha Amazon will almost certainly be a Daddy’s Girl, but unlike the Neurotic Heartbreaker, her relationship with her father will not have been interrupted by early death or marital breakdown. Unlike the Eternal Ingenue, her father is probably also a very successful man, a dominant Alpha male who was either born to money and power or who acquired it through his own drive or gifts.

The Amazonian Alpha, although she may break many hearts, is perhaps alone among all the Heartbreaker types catalogued here in that she very rarely does so deliberately, nor out of subconscious neurotic compulsion. Her great problem, and the reason she finds herself breaking hearts, is the one summarized in Sheryl Crow’s lament, “Are you strong enough to be my man?”

She will not respect a man who is not strong enough for her, and will spend at least part of her life surrounded by male admirers who are not quite equal to her in ability or dominance, who fight a bit desperately for her notice. Diana Mitford had this problem: she married a sweet-natured, rather passive man, mainly to escape from her parents’ control, and soon after humiliated him by choosing the Maverick Alpha male Oswald Mosley as a lover and publicly flaunting their relationship. Once she married Mosley, she accepted his dominance and his infidelities. Alpha Amazons tend to have more male than female friends, and to be more at ease in the company of men, partly because unlike so many women they don’t mind arguing or fighting for their point of view, behaviour that makes many women uneasy.

If you find yourself competing with a woman’s father; if you find that you are always wondering if you are good enough for her, then it is possible that you have found an Alpha Amazon."

Bearing this in mind what came as a reply was as utterly predictable, as the sunrise.

Ms Proudman, who describes herself as a "fearless feminist" on her Twitter biography, replied to Mr Carter-Silk, "I find your message offensive. I am on linked-in for business purposes not to be approached about my physical appearance or to be objectified by sexist men.

Womanese translation: I find you unattractive and therefore I am repelled by your timid, limp wristed advances.  If I found you attractive this would be a drastically different matter entirely but it isn't. 

The eroticization of women's physical appearance is a way of exercising power over women. It silences women's professional attributes as their physical appearance becomes the subject.

No idea what "eroticization" is but I'm sure I'm not feeling it for her.  She looks like a slightly trim Lena Dunham to me. And of course what she is really saying here is; you are doing this entirely wrong.  I am a ball buster, so I need balls to bust.  Clearly you have none.

Unacceptable and misogynistic behaviour.

Any kind of male behavior

Think twice before sending another woman (half your age) such a sexist message."

Don't pretend you are even half the man my father is.  And again, I am enraged beyond words that a man whom I have not yet even shit-tested, managed to fail my shit tests just by contacting me.

The barrister, who is also studying for a PhD in Sociology at Cambridge University, then took screenshots of the correspondence and posted them to Twitter.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! No! No she didn't!  This brilliant, ambitious, well educated sociologist in training took a cellphone pic of her computer screen and posted that to Twitter.  That is how this genius screen caps.

Ms Proudman told the Standard she is seeking a public apology from Mr Carter-Silk, has contacted the CEO of Brown Rudnick to complain about the message, and will also be referring the matter to the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

In a sane world this matter would get shoveled under the carpet but the SJWs are in the Point and Shriek phase now.  So the matter will be pursued to the poor bastard's destruction.

Our victim continues;

"I felt as though it was an attack really, that's what sexism is.

Getting grabbed from behind, having your head bashed against the side of the building a few times and then being dragged into an ally, is an attack you self righteous harpy.  Not a sad come on from a lonely middle aged man.

"I'm on there for business purposes and I thought he may be interested in my skills and experience as opposed to my body.

He may not have been interested in your body.  He may have been looking for dominatrix. Given your haircut and the fact that he is a middle aged English lawyer it is almost a certainty.

"People are treating LinkedIn like Tinder, I've received many messages based on my physical appearance, but this one was from a senior partner.

No one ever right swipes me on Tinder!!! They only do that on LinkedIn and all the men have their shirts on there.  It's not fair!

The Amazonian Alpha isn't necessarily a disaster waiting to happen.  If properly raised, she is probably your best bet at finding the unicorn.  However the toxicity of SJWism combined the inherent personality traits of an Amazonian Alpha female are disastrous. 

This woman will never find the right man, ever.  She won't even settle for landing one of her beta orbiter because she can't stand  the idea of having beta orbiters in the first place.

Her need to fitness test the hell out of everyman she meets will drive off all but the authentic Alpha and none of those men are going to bother with her, she simply isn't attractive or feminine enough for a man with real options. The man she wants will take her on adventures.  Dancing in seedy clubs at midnight.  Taking her to an underground boxing match. That kind of thing.  The problem is, she got her Dad's looks as well as his brains.  She isn't pretty enough or given her cookie cutter opinions interesting enough to warrant an Alpha's attention. 

Indeed this was probably the key to  Carter-Silk's destruction.  She is closing in on thirty and she can't find anyone she thinks is worthy of her.   Carter-Silk's advances only served to rub salt on a very sore puss dripping wound.  She reacted by flowing through the mental channels that SJWism has carved into her brain.

She will end her days either alone in her tastefully appointed house in the really good part of town with her pedigreed gun-dogs, (not cats mind you but dogs).  Or she will effortlessly morph into an extremely aggressive cougar.

In theory she is pitiable.  In practice, she is a menace.

The problem is that in this day and age, she is not an uncommon menace.

For further information on Amazonian Alpha's consult Chateau Heartise.

UPDATE:  Carter-Silk has done the worst thing he could in this situation. He apologized.  Of course, she graciously refused it. 

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