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SJW's Always Lie; A History of a Week Old Book

In 1439, a little guy with the big name of Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg, destroyed the world.

He did it by publishing the bible.

Until that time, the publishing industry was not an industry at all, it was an art form.  The output was limited to about half a book per life time per monk. Walking two hundred miles to visit a vast, gigantic library of twenty-five books was a common occurrence.

Then came Gutenberg's printing press.  It was an earth shaking revolution in communication and as a direct result, Europe burned for about three hundred years.

Clear, honest communication is never a good thing.

Before Gutenberg there was the occasional schism within the Catholic Church.  Largely these matters were political in origin.  The nobles would take sides, there would be the odd skirmish and eventually there would be a reunification.  No one really cared over much.  You got out of the way rather than get involved.  Life went on as before because no one knew what all the fuss about.

Then came the printing press and everyone knew what the fuss was about.  Instead of being a small insignificant protest, Martin Luther's The Ninety-Five Theses. were passionately argued all across Christian Europe by everyone. Black-smiths and butchers.  Kings and beggars.  Everyone had an opinion or at least a violent reaction.   Everyone became intensely invested in their own point of view. And everyone started killing the hell out each other over it.

I think the lesson here is obvious.  Never teach stupid people to read.

Now we have a new means of communication that is to the printing press, what the thermonuclear implosion device is to a firecracker from Fat Fred's Fireworks tent.

And yes a lot of people are already killing each other passionately because of it.  The ISIS Caliphate wouldn't be where it is today without Facebook and Twitter.

In  the west however social media has given birth to a vast cloud of carnivorous plankton.

Support your local Thought Police

They are a mindless swarm that individually are nothing to be frightened of.  Collectively they have become a startlingly powerful force for political persecution and oppression.

No real plans and no real goals.  They pretend they do but their desired end-states emerge and vanish with the tide. Primarily your new thought policeman is a perpetually unemployed shut in, on disability and has been on some form of anti-psychotic since before puberty.  Their decision making process is fundamentally damaged and it shows.

Individually they are objects of pity.

Collectively they have now muzzled free speech in the west.

But not everyone is willing to live under their insane yoke. 

SJWs Always Lie Taking Down the Thought Police,  Started like any other great book of the 21st Century, as a series of random blog posts.  With the assistance of his collegium (AKA The Vile Faceless Minions, AKA The Dread Ilk AKA, The I refuse to milk this anymore), Game designer, author/editor and 90s gay icon, Vox Day; developed the Three Laws of SJWs

1. SJWs Always Lie.
2. SJWs Always Double Down.
3. SJWs Always Project.

In the space of one week, this book went from a tactics manual to a narrow spectrum cottage industry. Largely by the power of these three laws.

The book covers in a few chapters what the SJWs are. How the three laws relate to them.  Why they attack whom they attack. The progression of events when they attack and how to fight back against them.

 This book is amazing in that it accurately predicted how the SJWs would react to it.

The progression of events for an SJW Attack are.

1. Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative
2.Point and Shriek
3. Isolate and Swarm
4. Reject and Transform
5. Press for Surrender
6. Appeal to Amenable Authority.
7. Show Trial
8. Victory Parade

The smartest thing the SJWs could have done was ignore it completely.  No mention of it at all.  They simply could not. It was impossible for them.  They jumped in a galvanic frog-leg spasm at the author's stimulus.  They reacted completely in accordance with the predictions of his book.  They had no choice in the matter.  The hivemind is not an intelligent one.

However Vox Day has made himself immune from steps Three to Six of the SJW attack sequence.

Consequently after a cursory scan, the SJWs leaped to the Show Trial phase and here it gets funny.

An SJW Thought Policeman...woman?  Thing?  Thought Policething which currently rejoices in the name Alexandra Erin (God knows what it's mama called it but she clearly never called it late to dinner).

Did you know that Transgenderism is the result of hating your own identity?
It's true!!!
And its understandable.

Anyway Rainbow Brite Blancmange, published it's own parody, called...This will take while have a seat...

John Scalzi Is Not A Very Popular Author And I Myself Am Quite Popular: How SJWs Always Lie About Our Comparative Popularity Levels

This book is alleged to inspire humor, the title tells you how likely it will succeed in that attempt.

The real purpose of the this book is to generate golf clap approval from the SJW Plankton Cloud.  But in so doing it began to serve the  function of the Political Show Trial.

John Scalzi for those blessed few among you who don't know of him, is a medium talented, mid-list author, who appears to be under the impression that if he gets enough Hugo Award nominations he will be as important in the field as Robert Heinlein.

He has a long running feud with Vox Day and he insists that the source of this feud is that Vox Day envies his success.  He always says this.  He always doubles downs on it.  And he always shits himself sideways when Vox gets a Hugo Nomination.

His function in the show trial was to provide the court room setting.  Scalzi announced that he was going to hold a fund raiser for some SJW Sci Fi Convention charity or another for people of color who can't go to conventions because privilege. ( I'm not joking about this).  Once he reached his modest goal he was going to do a dramatic reading of; John Scalzi Is Not A Very Popular I'm not typing this again.

Scalzi has done this before.  He put's himself up as the front man for some SJW charity drive.  The purpose of which is to allow others to publicly disapprove of Vox Day on a collective basis by taking part in group ridicule of Vox Day.  That being the Show Trial part.  His dramatic reading is to function as victory parade.

Something funny happened this time.  One of the Vile Faceless Minions put up a parody of the parody with an even longer title called;  John Scalzi Is A Rapist: A Pretty, Pretty Girl Dreams of Her Beloved While Pondering Gender Identity, Social Justice, and Body Dysmorphia.

The howls of outrage were as hilarious as they were ludicrous.  The process of social justice had been disrupted.  The Carnivorous Plankton had no idea what to do about this except scream in rage.  John Scalzi on the other hand knew just what to do.  He screamed at Amazon while pretending he wasn't screaming at all because the whole sordid business was completely beneath his dignity.  Also he made sure everyone knew it.

Amazon for whatever Amazonian reason went along with it and pulled the book.

Scalzi and his Scalziettes decided that could be their victory parade instead.  SJWs being nothing if not adaptable.

The author of the second parody then re-posted the book under a slightly different title.

Which brings us more or less to the present.  SJWS Always lie is still hovering around number one in it's slot and three (count'em three) parodies written and published all in the space of a week.  Unless you count the second as four books.  There is a fifth book which purist never count because  The Angel Vox Day and the War for the Heavenly Gamergate Puppies (Give Me a Hugo!): Chapter 1: The Wicked Victory of Shoeless John! (The Chronicles of ... Angel Vox Day and His Flaming Sword!!!!!!) is a parody of another book, it just came out at about the same time. So that takes us back down to four or rather three which is understandable because all of them apparently have an excessive number of chapter fives.

I hope that clears everything up for you.

(*sigh*) UPDATE:

There is now a (we shall call it) fourth book:  If you were an SJW, My Love  by Noell Award. Not to be confused with his brother Noah.


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