Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ah, So That's What Was Wrong with Kes

There was a lot wrong with Star Trek; Voyager.

A. Lot.

The cabbage head Klingons

A den mother for a captain.

The weird ideas about what men find sexually attractive.

At least until Seven of Nine joined the cast. 
Hoo-Boy they made up for some lost ground there.

And Kes.

Star Trek has always been preachy but Voyager was a show where the story clearly came second.

The pity of  it is that they had an interesting idea and destroyed it completely with feminism.  A ship lost and alone  at the other end of an unexplored region of the galaxy, far from family and home.  It will take a life time to get back.  A hybrid crew of enemies and aliens. 

It should have worked and it didn't.  The reason of course is that it set out deliberately to be the feminist Star Trek.  The reins were handed to a feminist. And she delivered a feminist product until the ratings were bad enough that wiser heads intervened and relieved her of her duties.

That was when Seven of Nine was introduced.

You realize that feminism is a trade union for ugly women, don't you?

Kes was what was wrong with that show in a nutshell.

She was a member of a species that only lived for nine years.  An alien mayfly isn't' a bad idea but the execution was terrible.  They also insisted, repeatedly, that she was beautiful.  Bluntly she wasn't.

In the show's chronology she was something like five when she was introduced.  Frankly she looked it, which is a little disturbing when you remember the fact that she had on going sexual relationship with a sentient teddy bear.  Kes didn't have much in the way of secondary sexual characteristics. Her face was a little too masculine.  And she had that feminist favorite of a haircut, the pixie bob.

Hi! I'm a five year old trying to look like an erotically minded twelve year old
How's that working?

Casting was always a problem with that show but I don't' know what they were thinking there.  The whole Kes concept was weird and off putting.  On top of everything else wrong with the character she couldn't pull off a love scene with any of her male costars.  At all.  The sparks just never flew.

With anyone.

I'm afraid we now know why.


SciVo said...

I was trying to figure out who that man was -- writer? caster? -- when I realized, wow. That's Old Kes.

Time is a harsh mistress.

Cataline Sergius said...

That was her mug shot from her most recent arrest.

Sad business, she's pretty mentally unstable these days. She was running around nude threatening to have the cops taken out and shot.

Nate Winchester said...

Ah Voyager, the sheer wasted potential... well, here you go. I tried to see what could be fixed.