Monday, August 3, 2015

Is Polyandry Right for You?

If you are an Millennial and an SJW,  I think the answer must be a profound and heartfelt, YES!

If you are both of those things the odds are very good that you are one of the Beautiful Ones. Assortive mating is not going to work for you and you will depart this life having left an imprint no more substantive than a foot print in the sand.

However, if you have chosen to give up the fantasy of being a secret king.  If you have chosen to graduate from Gamma.  If you have chosen to substantially improve your place on sexual hierarchy.

Then turn away dear reader because what follows is not for you.

Dude bros all gone?

Okay, here is the problem in nutshell.

You are fundamentally incapable of having a normal relationship with a woman because you have been trained to believe everything they tell you.  Please note that they don't do this with each other.

In your case.  I would actually say, no.  You are completely cleared of this charge.
Good Job bro!

You revel in your own degradation because you have been taught that that is what the modern Millennial girl wants from a man.

Look Barbie! It's Power Bottom Ken!

Girls that are traditionally desirable can not find you attractive because you make no visible effort to improve yourself.  Consequently you hold in contempt that which you can never have.  And you have learned therefore to settle for less.

Much less really.

So does being a male feminist mean you have to die miserably alone and forsaken of all?


Polyandry solves all your problems.

1.  You will have sex.

It's only going to be once every two months. But that is way better than you are doing now isn't it?

Of course it it!

It's going to be very low quality sex as well but dude, you will be having sex with a feminist.  This is a severe limiter on any man's sex life... unless your name is Paulo.

Given your tragically low sexual market value, you simply can not hope to be able to excite her all that much.  And female excitement is the key to great sex.  There is also her low self esteem to be considered as well.  Her "sex only with the lights out," self image.

But it's better than internet porn, right?  Of course, right?

2. You can share the expenses with your (I guess the term I'll have to use here is) Brother Husbands.

Let's face it as a progressive Millennial male you are drastically over invested in the low end of the loser scale of life.  You have a ton of expenses, most prominently your student loan.  Your Women and Gender Studies (and Whatever-Else-At-This-Point) Degree hasn't exactly kicked the doors open on anything but a career as a Starbucks barista.

You can't support a wife and you know it.  But you and a three or four other guys certainly can if you pool your pathetic resources.

 Paulo says, he wants you to be clear about the fact that he is NOT one your brother husbands.  He is just fucking your wife whenever he feels like it. Your relationship ends there.

Now with the help of your brother husbands (the two that are employed at least) you can afford to move out your parent's basement and into your wife's parent's basement.  For two nights a week anyway because that's all the time your in-laws will allow you stay at their place.

But that's all right too.  You and your brother husbands can share an Efficiency Trailer for those frequent evenings when your wife has given you the night off from your marriage.  Proper selection of your off marriage crash pad will also allow you to bleed off the retired guy's WiFi in the next trailer.  You can't afford Hulu.  Let alone Netflix.  But hey if it ain't on Youtube, you ain't keeping it real.

Its the place we can get away from the wife 
because she never goes near it.

3.  Lastly.  Your polyandrous marriage will put you just where you are most comfortable with women.

In. The. Friend. Zone.

I Am Iron Cuck

It's almost better than the Friendzone.  It's the Friendzone with occasional (and really tragic) sex.  It's way better than you ever thought you could do.

Some of the sex may even be your own.

Paulo says, he does not need you to "clean the bull".
Paulo is good like that.

Now as a good feminist you are probably asking yourself.  What happens to all the women who can't get teams of husbands of their own?

Don't worry about them.  They are not your problem.

What they are looking for, you can not possibly give them.  See Paulo.

Look, polyandry isn't for everyone.  It certainly isn't for me because I am not a feminist.  But you aren't me.

You will never be a man in the traditional sense of the word.  You have by a process of public educational osmosis, ingested a world view that utterly rejects traditional or indeed even mammalian masculinity, in favor of that deranged flavor of Marxism called feminism.

You retweet feminist memes all day thus securing your place at the bottom of sexual hierarchy because there is nothing that a woman loathe more than a man who kisses her ass.

You have publicly embraced your cuckholdry by the government.  The fruits of your labor are extracted from you and spent on girls you will never know with a lavish hand.

You have basically accepted your role as a submissive anyway.  

So run with it!

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