Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Failure Theater AGAIN: Turtleman Gave up Months Ago!!!!

Shocker! The bizarre turtle man turncoat, Senate Leader of the Republican Party Mitch McConnell has given up on stopping the Iran deal.

Obama “can win by getting one-third plus one of either house,” McConnell told a business group at an event on Monday in Kentucky, according to the Associated Press. “So he’s still got a great likelihood of success.”

"I hope we can defeat it, but the procedure is obviously stacked in the president's favor," he told reporters after the event. "We'll see."
That fucker gave up months ago when he agreed to a deal that would let this goddamned nightmare go through if there was only one third of EITHER side of the house backing it!

Look you stupid old fuck.  This isn't 1996.  This kind of bullshit won't fly in the age of internet. I know it worked great for your old boss but welcome to the age of  base engagement. Only delivering for the chamber of commerce won't satisfy us today.

There is a reason Donald Trump is on the radar and it is not Donald Trump.

It is you, Mitch McConnel and you John Boehner!

The Republican Party is the party of jackals and whores.  

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