Thursday, June 25, 2015

Supreme Court Appointees Are No Reason to Vote for Baby Bush

Each US President typically gets to pick two Supreme Court Justices.

There is an argument going around conservative circles that goes like this.

I have to vote for Jeb Bush if he gets the nomination because what about the Supreme Court appointees?

Okay what about Bush family SCOTUS appointees?

Papa Bush:

David fucking Souter.  Easily the most liberal justice on the bench during his tenure.

Clarence Thomas.  Yes, Thomas is a good one but he only got the nod because Bush had to replace Thurgood Marshall with another black man and Thomas was the only black Republican he could find.


Bubba Bush:

Samuel Alito; Yes, a good one as well but again he only got the job because the Republicans in the Senate revolted when W tried to appoint Harriet Miers.

John Roberts.  A typical Ivy League conservative.  A man who feels he has waaaaayy more in common with Ivy League liberals than he does with the plebs from State Colleges. (*The state part of State must be pronounced with a proper sneer.  They learn that by the time they arrive at Andover. *)

But don't take Cataline's word for it.  Here is a spectacular bit of knob slobbery by TPM.

Had the Supreme Court issued a ruling today that cut off Obamacare subsidies, it would have driven conservative talk radio to a level of thrill and joy that only depriving Americans of health care could possibly bring. But it would have broken zero new ground in terms of conservative jurisprudence. The whole case was based on a narrow, if fundamental, issue of statutory construction. And more than this, it would have further discredited what remains of the Court's reputation, thus undermining the major gains Roberts has achieved.

The same applies to Obamacare's first near-death experience before the Court. The case was more plausible than the ridiculous argument behind King v Burwell. But it was not strong. And Roberts managed to make new law (ready to be built open in the future) even as he found a creative way to permit the government mandate.

He has saved them from their own worst instincts and tendency toward overreach - overreachs the three amigos of wingnuttia seem repeatedly rollickingly eager to make. To paraphrase the Rolling Stones, Roberts has done a marvelous job of getting judicial conservatives what they need, just not always what they want. And indeed, he often saves them from things that are really the last thing they should want.

This is from Talking Points Memo. If you are a conservative and they are praising you.  You are doing something wrong.

This is what we have to look forward to from Baby Bush.

At best we are looking at one out of two supreme court justices being an actual conservative and this is only if there are extraordinary circumstances.

Cataline's vote goes to Hillary if Jeb get's on the ticket.  I don't see what in the least we have to lose.

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