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Consent is Sexy in the Military...God Help America

There are few men with less game than military men.  It's not really our fault you understand.  It's just that Game to the extent that it is taught at all, is done as a father to son thing.  This has some obvious problems.

First it assumes you had a father rather than a sperm donor.  Not an even money bet if you have ended up in the Marine Corps but it does happen.

Second it assumes your father knew something about Game.  He almost certainly didn't.  He became your father because (much to his confusion and bewilderment at the time), your mother took a sexual interest in him and made it so obvious that even he cottoned on eventually.  He never really understood why and likely he still doesn't.

His advice to you was largely useless things about treating her like a lady, dinner dates, candy, writing her love poetry and topping it off with mysterious references to revelations to come, "You'll know what I mean someday."  The truth is that someday never came for him.  He never learned himself which is why he ended up unsuccessfully begging your mother for sex after only two years of marriage.  He did however find out how often wives get headaches or are too tired.

If both you and he were really unlucky.  You got to find out about the value of "persistence."  (*Cataline shudders*)

That was then, this is now.  You have joined the United States Marine Corps (or one of the lesser services for some bizarre reason).  Your life is now your own...  In a way....  Kiiiind of...

Anyway, on those rare occasions where your life is your own.  You are now free to find a girl of your own.  There is the question of what you are going to do once you find her, since courtesy of your father, (assuming you had one), you know nothing about women as we have already established.

Don't worry the DOD has found you the perfect  mentor, for the fascinating subject of Game.  Soon you will master the eternal mysteries and set forth on life of sexual conquest the great khans would envy.  Meet your sensei Mike Domitrz.  A former stay-at-home-dad, whom colleges fell in love with a couple of years ago.

Here are some pearls of wisdom from one of his classes.

“The date is going so well you want to give your partner a kiss,” Domitrz says. “How do you know when it’s the right time to make your move?”

What is this date thing you speak of?  

Do not take girls on "Dates." 

Dates are anti-game. When you have turned your wallet upside down and spent money you don't have on a high end dinner you have killed your chances with her. The supposition of the dinner date is that you are proving to her that you are able to provide for her and are therefore appealing to her on a very deep and evolutionarily instinctive level. Except that it doesn't work that way.

More than likely you are going to be feeling awkward and out of your element. She is going to pick up on that. Spending money on her that you can obviously ill afford, puts a great deal of debt-obligation on her. She will feel that she is supposed to want to have sex with you. Which means, she won't. *

Obligatory Game digression ended.

“I think that if the eyes are locked,” a Marine on stage answers.

Not the worst answer but not the best either.  

“And when you get that look, do most people say, ‘Can I kiss you?’ Or do they just go for it?” Domitrz asks.

“Just go for it,” the Marine says.

The thousand Marines in the room agree, yelling in unison: “Go for it!”

This they will be informed is the wrong answer. Why? Because you might have made a bad call and she doesn't not want to be kissed. Apparently in Domitrz world. Instead of informing you with non-verbal cues such as backing up slightly and turning her head away. The girl will always stand there like a deer caught in the headlights, reeling in silent horror as you slobber all over her mouth. His answer to this non-existent problem is to have the man ask at every stage of physical contact for explicit permission to continue.

It starts with the words, "Can I kiss you?"  

To which the girl will rightfully respond and with considerable disgust, "I don't know. Can you!?"

The answer is, "no." That door is now closed. That ship has now sailed.

The video also shows Domitrz playing out a date scenario where the female is in control. He instructs a female Marine to put her hand on a male Marine’s leg to “show that she’s interested.”

Well I suppose you should consider the possibility that she is a cannibal and is deciding whether or not you are ripe for harvesting but I would have to say depending on where she felt you up, clawing your leg is a reliable IOI. 

Domitrz said the most common reaction for men, “Yes, she wants me,” is flawed...

That assumption means, “We completely misread [the female Marine].”

Oh shit!  She is a cannibal!!

“She was only letting us know she was a little interested, and we took it much further,” Domitrz said.

What do you mean WE, white man? Domitrz appears to live in a world where one quick kino on her part completely disconnects all higher brain functions in men, reducing us all to trembling, panting, rape monsters.

Domitrz sells an accompanying “May I Kiss You” advice book that instructs readers not to play the “dating game.” The book explores “faults of body language, the joys of talking, the serious effects of wrongful behaviors, how to EXPECT RESPECT.”

We've seen this before.

Normally this level of negotiation is reserved for a rather extreme BDSM session
But I suppose it's nice to know you've got it on tap.

For context we must take a long hard look at a regressive, hyper-aggressive, brutal osculatory assault on a completely unwilling woman

Horrid stuff.  Shocking repulsive.  The macro-aggressions! The dominance!  The misogynistic privilege! The utter lack of permission!

 Let's hear what women have to say about it.

The kiss that everyone wanted from The King and I.

I love the crear Yul Brynner!!!!!!!!!!!

Great and handsome actor of all times

He's too dreamy, In Ramses ! WOW what an incredible looking man!!!!! Smouldering eyes!!! God made Man in the form of Yul  Then ,what happened to the rest of them??? We have far too many hollywood actors  that are a pack of egotistical vain, spoilt, conceited poofy, effeminate, materialistic metrosexuals eg George Clooney what a poor substitute):

I agree with you completely. I found this because I have to do a research paper on the The King and I! :)

Yul Brynner rules for ever , nunca habrá otro igual!!!!!!!!

Oh, to be kissed like that!

that was..(SNIFF)

DAMN! I felt that kiss right through the computer.

who wrote that scene?! i would have been ad libbing "yes yes its  all true, take me!!

Ack, why couldn't we have gotten this kiss in "The King and I"?  I know why, but WHY?!  I have never seen such chemistry between two actors, and Yul Brynner is a gorgeous hunk of a man. :)

Che grandiosi interpreti! Quale intensità interpretativa! Questo film è uno dei miei preferiti e Yul Brinner è fantastico e uno degli uomini più affascinanti che mai il grande schermo abbia avuto

Theirs was a palpable, burning heat - a sensual dance of dominance.  Deborah's smoldering passion was undeniably sexy; there is a desire to strip her of her inhibitions and introduce her to the wilds of her own heart and secret desire: she was so skilled at this.  Her reaction is visceral and one which we all can identify with: our breath quickens with her, and suddenly we are feeling her heat…this is what great acting is.  Yul's desire to own her, to posses her body and soul, to expose myself himself to her, to be vulnerable with is profoundly sexy. And yet, with that being said, this scene pales in comparison to the scene in "The King & I" where he says "were not dancing with two hands", and he walks towards her arm outstretched, and Deborah, chest heaving (undoubtedly aching for his touch) places her arms behind her back and allows Yul to take her…THAT my friends, is enough to make anyone quake and quiver.  Sigh.  They just don't make 'em like that used to.


This is so damn sexy!

There you have it.  Nothing but disgust and condemnation.

Look, asking a girl for permission to kiss is perfectly fine if you are twelve years old or if you are autistic. I get that.**

But the last thing a girl really wants is an insecure groveling beggar.  She wants a man to be a man.

Good luck finding one in this day and age.

*Unless you are so genuinely well to do, that money really does mean nothing to you and if you have a restaurant on lock. If the maitre d' greets you by name and hooks you up with your favorite table, plus complimentary hors d'oeuvres. And if you have a waitress who knows her tip will be doubled if your date jealous of her by the end of the meal...You are still wasting your time and money. But yes you are getting laid.

** For the record my first kiss was at age twelve. I didn't ask permission. And she stuck her tongue down my throat.

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