Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Social Justice Bully

In the mid 1980s, Cataline as well as all the other cool kids on the block, started derisively referring to campus liberals as "Politically Correct." They never could grasp the concept, that we were insulting them.

Perhaps this was an early example of, "owning it."  Although I doubt it.  The Hivemind is not an intelligent one.

Perhaps it's because we were using Orwellian terminology and they never read Orwell.  They just pretended they had by the usual cheaty means of reading the first and last chapter of 1984, plus the Cliff's Notes. 

Regardless, you cannot be fiendishly subtle with a moron because:

They. Will. Not. Get. The. Joke.

Case in point.  The term, Social Justice Warrior.  All the cool kids today were early adapters on this one as well.  A couple of years ago we started using it as facetious insult. 

The SJWs turned around and owned it.  Don't ever give them something they can "own."

So clearly this isn't working.

At all.
Author John Ringo has invented a more accurate and refined term for the Social Justice Warrior.

In his own words:

"In 2004 or so there was an ‘incident’ at a convention in Virginia. As I’ve noted elsewhere, Virginia fandom is split. There are very outspoken liberals mixed with very quiet (by and large) conservatives. The ‘incident’ involved very outspoken conservatives.
The next morning I was more or less accosted about the situation and was polite to the accoster.

The conversation ended something like this:

Accoster: I didn’t even know there WERE conservative science fiction fans! (The tone was clear. There SHOULD NOT BE conservative science fiction fans. Certainly not at HER convention.)
Myself: You know when you go to cons and there are a bunch of people who never talk with you? Those are the conservatives.

Which, alas, is true. Until very recently there were very few conservatives who were willing to be ‘out’ in most of fandom. (I don't get that option.) Because you get continuously bombarded with ‘you’re a homophobic, xenophobic, racist, misogynist asshole!’ (Go look up my RavenCon AAR to see a very extreme example.. But I’ve been subjected to less extreme examples repeatedly. One of the reasons I rarely attend conventions anymore. And the description is, by the way, a very direct and public quote by an SJW NYT bestselling author about, well, me.)
Because as a conservative, that’s what you are to all the hardcore liberals. Purest evil. ISIS has nothing on being an American conservative. There is nothing worse than being a conservative white male. We are the ultimate super-villain and nothing can be anything like our equal. (Thus the humorously entitled 'League of Evil Evil' started by Sarah Hoyt of which I am a card-carrying member.)

Which is why there have arisen conventions that really avoid letting the CHORFs in at all. So the conservative SF fans can get together and let their hair down and talk about stuff they want to talk about (like books with actual plots and dialogue) and not be continuously insulted by the CHORFs. And even large cons that are ‘balanced’ tend to toss the SJW contingent the minute it starts to be a problem. Because nobody CARES about their issues. Not in the broad sense of what is marketable. (Just as at 'balanced' conventions conservatives who insist on being buttheads are tossed. I've seen both and I'm all for it. When it's balanced.)

By the way, I prefer SJBs to CHORFs as a term. SJWs, social justice warriors, is not an insult as many articles have indicated. It’s the preferred term of the SJWs. And there are SJWs who are not SJBs. An SJB is a ‘Social Justice Bully.’ Because they are bullies. They are not even about social justice. They’re about being bullies."

Social Justice Bully is the perfect term.

It's amazing to watch it in action.  It starts with infiltration and an insistence that, "there is no conflict here".   And the moment they think the numbers are on their side.  Holy Blorf, is there ever conflict...No, not conflict.  That is the wrong word.  Banishment. Complete and utter, totes non-confrontational banishment.  They simply refuse to hear the words of your mouth by forcing you out of the room.

 SJBs, like any bully don't want genuine conflict.  They want to feel pleasure by exercising power over someone.  But they can only do this en masse.  If they don't have overwhelming numbers on their side, they either keep their mouths shut or act like they are completely reasonable about disagreements...Until there are enough of them.

Interestingly if they feel their numbers have slipped, it's suddenly back to...

"Hey, there is no conflict here. I don't want fight about this."

Those are the truest word they will ever speak.

No bully ever wants a real fight.


John Wright said...

"(Thus the humorously entitled 'League of Evil Evil' started by Sarah Hoyt of which I am a card-carrying member.)"

For the record, Sarah Hoyt was the second member of the Evil League of Evil. I am the one who created it.

Here is where I announce the creation of he Evil League of Evil (Later changed to the Evil Legion of Evil)
dated June 2, 2014

Here is my announcement of the formation of the Evil Legion of Evil as a literary movement, initially called the United Underworld, later called the Sad Puppies.
dated June 3, 2014

Cataline Sergius said...

I had wondered about something. Did someone get an infringement letter from Joss Whedon?

This was the first post under my new non-swearing policy. I don't know how long it will last but I felt I needed to make the effort.

Also, I'm giving up Fisking for a while. There is no future in snark and it always left me feeling low in my mind.

Ultimately it was uncreative.

Ron said...

For the record, Sarah Hoyt was the second member of the Evil League of Evil. I am the one who created it.

How Eeevil.

sluggy reference