Monday, April 13, 2015

Sad Puppies III; The Martinizing

I actually get part of where George R. R. Martin is coming from. He is determined to pretend WorldCon still is, what it once was.

We are very bad people for showing him, his fantasy is in fact a fantasy. That today Larry Niven, Roger Zelazny and Robert Heinlein would be utterly shunned, when they weren't being constantly harassed.

Larry Correia made him face this. And Martin can't face it at all. He needs to dismiss Larry's opinion as being the product of a bigoted mind. So he is demanding Larry publicly disavow Vox Day before addressing Larry's editorial points. If Larry doesn't disown Vox, then Martin can safely dismiss all of Larry's talking points because he is clearly a Hitler apologist. It will allow him to condemn Larry, while avoiding confronting him.

A small bit of personal history.

When I was first involved with SCA in the mid 1980s. It was one big family, everybody pitched in to help. Lots of work hard, play harder fun. There were however a few problems on the horizon that didn't look problems at the time.

Primarily in the kingdom I was involved with, it was a female administrative officer that had turned into a queen bee. But I figured she'd go too far and someone would replace her sooner or later. She was already way too pushy and it was causing some major problems with the outer territories. But not to worry I figured, the organization as whole looked healthy. Strong presence on college campus, young members joining (etc)

I then left the SCA completely alone for twenty years. While I went and had a life.

When I came back for a visit, I discovered that the Queen Bee was now an ancient unquestioned God-Empress before whom all the kings ritually prostrated themselves. All the outer territories had broken themselves off and sworn eternal hatred for their mother kingdom and that was in just one kingdom

The SCA as a whole is now an extreme feminist stronghold. There are same sex thrones all through out this medieval reenactment society. There is zero presence on college campuses, and the typical entry age is forty. By every metric it is a dying organization that is absolutely determined to resist any changes that might save it.

And here is big point of similarity. It is utterly dominated by women past their childbearing years.

A point that was driven home to me last week when I was talking to couple of WorldCon types and they swore that Paladin of Souls was Lois McMaster Bujold's greatest book of all time bar none. They were totally, passionately serious.

I'm not saying women ruin everything. But old Feminists damn well do.

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