Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Batgirl's Smile

I predict with considerable confidence, the complete and abject surrender on subject of alternate Batgirl Cover.

Fresh off their attempts to decide what clothes you’ll be allowed to wear, the Neo-Victorian scolds that make up the modern feminist movement have set their sights on a new target: deciding what art you’ll be allowed to buy. Using the hashtag #ChangeTheCover, they’re moving to get DC to withdraw the sale of an alternate cover for the June edition of Batgirl #41.
The cover, which can be seen in the title image above, shows a terrified Batgirl in the clutches of a sinister Joker, who’s painted her mouth with his signature grinning face paint. Feminists are calling it “torture porn” and saying that “trauma of abuse victims isn’t sexy,” as well as stating that DC must cancel their planned sale of this alternate cover. In their view, failure to do so would show that “violence against women is okay.”

On the Vox Day Hierarchy, comic book writers are unquestionably Gamma Males.  
Not surrendering to SJWs is completely unthinkable to them.


The following is from an interview with Erik Larson at

EL: This story is widely misreported. It’s my understanding that DC commissioned the cover and that once it was in and the creative team saw it that they raised an objection to it. They didn’t want it on their book because they thought it was inappropriate given the tone of the title. The artist heard what they had to say and came to agree with their point and had it pulled. It was not the case of an online backlash causing it to be withdrawn. So, it wasn’t censorship per se.

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