Thursday, February 26, 2015

K T. Bradford Recommends...Wow...Really?

Author (I think) K. T. Bradford, is an African American SJW.  And she has decided to set herself a rigorous, grueling self discipline in the pursuit of improving her craft.

Except that what she's doing, won't do that.

Yes I believe in Isis
No, not that ISIS
Not that I have real problem with them you understand its just that...

I'll let her explain in her own words. Yes, this is a Trigger Warning. Incidentally, her own words turned out to be a lot briefer than I thought. She pulled the 1980s undergrad trick of messing with the font and margins to turn a one page article into three.

Back in 2012 I faced a conundrum. I write short fiction, and I wanted to get better at writing it.

Noble task, lets see where it take her.

To do that I had to write, write, and write some more.

It took her to epic failure apparently.  If thats the most lilting prose she is capable of producing to describe the trial of labor needed to birth her art unto this harsh, unforgiving world.

See the above wasn't good but was at least an attempt at a met-a-phor. It's how writers describe things.

But just as important was reading, reading, and reading a lot more.

Is 'rithmatic, 'rithmatic and lots more 'rithmatic, on the horizon? Because I have detected a pattern to her golden work smithing.  And I assume we are about to hear about how she failed miserably at this endeavour which is why she is still such a terrible writer.

And I tried.


But every time I thought about delving into one of the many science fiction and fantasy magazines at my disposal, or even reading compilations of the "best" stories that had been nominated for and/or won awards, my brain resisted.

This is called dyslexia, or possibly rank stupidity, anyway one of those and it’s heroic of you to try and overcome it.  But you should really stop trying now, dear lady. Honestly, writing is not for you.

Because every time I tried to get through a magazine, I would come across stories that I didn't enjoy

Wow!  Really?  Because that never happens to anyone.

or that I actively hated or that offended me so much I ragequit the issue.

Whoa maybe she’s ready for Sad Puppies!  We’ve been bitching about the same thing for years!!!

Go through enough of that and you start to resist the idea of reading at all.

Follow your instincts, you are making the right call here.

Then I thought: what if I only read stories by a certain type of author?

Why am I certain it won’t be a talented one?

Instead of reading everything, I would only look at stories by women or people of color or LGBT writers. Essentially: no straight, cis, white males.

So Bruce Jenner is all right then?  Or is any single, one thing on this list a disqualifier. And how the fuck did Neil Gaimen get denounced before the SJW Central Committee? The man writes Doctor Who episodes for God's sake. If he's not safe, no one is.

Cutting that one demographic out of my reading list greatly improved my enjoyment of reading short stories.

Honestly I rather doubt it.  

This woman is the poster child for fat, entitled, resentful woman with a bad attitude.  She spends her every waking moment praying to our Lady of Perpetual Outrage.  Not being able to bitch about piddling, unimportant minutiae would be a special hell for her.

That's not to say I didn't come across bad stories or offensive stuff in stories or other things that turned me off. I did.

No! Really? How is this even a thing!?!?!  
(*Cataline adopts the countenance of a small wounded puppy in his tragic disillusionment.*)

But I came across this stuff far less than previously.

But did she RAGEQUIT?  Did she have to flee from her own magazine and lock herself away in her safe space, so it couldn't hurt her anymore?  I MUST KNOW!!!

Limiting myself in this way also made me aware of how often certain magazines published whole issues in which no women or POC authors made an appearance.

Forgive me for stating the fucking obvious but progressives control all of the major outlets. I am honestly willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one point. If they aren't publishing it, then it's so bad that they just can't.

And pretty soon I didn't even bother looking at those magazines when I went on my monthly search. When I ran out of known-to-me magazines, I went on the hunt and discovered several that published new-to-me writers

Larry Corriea already said it, SJWs are not at all well read.  But they are good at pretending they are.  Basically they are all community college intellectuals. When they hear about an important or fashionable book they are supposed to have read. They will assiduously scan wikipedia for the plot, then read the first and last chapters of said book, usually at a B&N rather than a library.  All in an effort to feign literacy.

and also a surprising number of magazines dedicated to underheard voices.

Like the ones in your head?

I ended that year with a new understanding of what kind of fiction I enjoy most, what kind of writers are likely to write it,

Having screened out completely talentless hacks like Neil Gaiman.

and how different the speculative fiction landscape looks when you adjust the parallax.

Except there was no parallax, just ham handed filtering.

The big point that this fat spoiled resentful woman is missing completely is, that if you are going to write you can not hang out in a Safe-Space, where bad feelz will never get you. You have to challenge yourself and your paradigm.

Or you can just write a bunch lesbian space cat fiction that starts happily, has an equally happy middle and an even happier ending. 

You will create fiction as a safe space, where nothing ever happens to your characters or your own point of view.

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